Behind the Scenes of Wonder Girls So Hot MV & Photoshoot (10P)

Behind the scenes from the studio filming of Wonder Girls So Hot MV.

Wonder Girls inside a new Lime Green Volkswagen Beetle Convertible and probably will be part of the mini album jacket since it wasn’t in the MV.

Hope you are ready for their comeback in less than 24 hours time!!!

credit: wonderholic


19 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes of Wonder Girls So Hot MV & Photoshoot (10P)

  1. is sun ye’s hair really like that or is it a wig
    yoobin&sunmi are soo cute& hott 🙂

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  3. Uh, Sun Ye technically isn’t driving, as the boys are pushing their car. Haha! No offense, but the way Ye Eun looks like when she is touching SunMi’s leg is creepy. Haha! I still love her. XD Anyway, Yoobin’s lipstick is too red. O.O

  4. Lol, I would have felt reeeeally uncomfortable to “feel” over my fellow member’s leg >.< 😀

  5. did anyone notice that sunye is the only one who has different sets of outfits for the mv, the one by one pic release and in the volkswagen shoot?
    everybody else wear the same outfits in at least two of those xD

  6. LOL so sunye is the one drivin!??! that makes alot of sense now! sohee is so beautiful~ love ye eun’s new colors and all the others look really pretty!

  7. I was wondering who was driving before. In the 5th picture, Sun Mi looks like “Am I doing this right?”
    And their comeback is highly anticipated. So can’t wait….

  8. oh :d I didnt know that the word “Volkswagen” is used in english too ~ haha nice to hear a german word in the same sentence as Wonder Girls name :d

    woo ~ so thanx alot for the pictures :] ~
    they are so cute ^,^

  9. yeah sun-ye is driving it but i think by looking at the pictures the guys are suppose to push the car???

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