Your Favourite TBJ Wonder Girl Selca Picture?

Collage of Wonder Girl Selca pictures for TBJ in the past. Which is your favourite?

credit: TBJ Cyworld


23 thoughts on “Your Favourite TBJ Wonder Girl Selca Picture?

  1. My favourite wondergirl is SunMi. She is charming, nice, cute, and funny!
    I like her the most! I love and admire all TAURUS people. It is my favourite horoscope!I think all the other members of wondergirls are SUCK! SoHee is ugly, and looks like someone who has mental-disability! Trust me!!!!! There is a girl who looks exactly like SoHee and she has the same horoscope as SoHee. This poor girl in my class has no friends at all. Everyone thinks she is stupid and mean. Trust me, personally I REALLY don’t like SoHee. I don’t like her personality and look. I think she is mean, pretending to be nice in front of everyone. I really don’t like her horoscope as well. I think SoHee is mean to SunMi. She is jealous of SunMi. I can tell by her face. From now on, SoHee should be nice to SunMi, this including all the other members too. SunMi is the best wondergirl and I think everybody should be her number one fans. I did a survey in my school, 90 percent people voted for SunMi as their favourite wondergirl. Everybody knows that SunMi has the most potential! WAY THE GO SUNMI! WE ARE ALL SUPPORTING YOU! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!WE ARE ALL PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!! I am in Canada. I am seventeen years old studying in Centennial C.V.I High School in the city Guelph. MANY WHITE PEOPLE KNOWS WONDERGIRLS TOO, AND THEY SAID THAT SUNMI IS THE BEST WONDERGIRL!
    Thank you

  2. I like 10 the best! Yoobin looks great… and the lighting makes it awesome!

  3. All of them are adorable! It’s a hard decision. I especially like 6, 10, 13, and 14. I guess my favorite would have to be 6 – Sunye looks so cute!

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