Yoo Bin Will Not Rap after Straining her Vocals

The Wonder Girls are set to make its comeback on tv this weekend (31st May) on MBC “Music Core”. But there was a feeling of deja vu with the group’s rapper, Kim Yoo Bin being diagnosed with strained vocal chords recently.


Eldest member and rapper Kim Yoo Bin, will have to lip sync for Wonder Girls performances after being diagnosed with vocal cord lesions and spasmodic dysphonia recently at a checkup at a otorhinolaryngology in Kangnam. Yoo Bin was advised to take a 4 weeks rest and get treatment for her vocal cords.

For their comeback performance this Saturday, they have decided to have Yoo Bin lip sync for her rapping part. This will continue until her condition improves. JYPE expressed that since end March, her condition was really bad and she barely finished the recording of the single album.

JYPE representative said on 28th May “Yoo Bin will lipsync for once but promotional activities will continue as per schedule. Yoo Bin will go for therapy sessions and we are looking into ways to shorten her healing duration. All Wonder Girls and JYPE wants is for Yoo Bin to have a speedy recovery.”

It would be a great pity especially as Yoo Bin with her husky voice had been assigned 15 rap lines in “So Hot”. In fact, most would agree that her rapping portion is the most awesome part in the whole song. But her health is of greater importance and we should be thinking long-term.

Since releasing their “So Hot” track on 22nd May, it has dominated online music portal sites, Melon, Cyworld, etc capturing the number 1 spot within two days.

On a happier note, Yoo Bin is officially an adult. (thanks to ahboo)

Wonder Girls will release their “So Hot” single next month on 3rd June. They will also be recording a digital single today with their producer, Park Jin Young including Asian superstar Jackie Chan, etc where all sales will go to relief efforts for the devastating 12th May Sichuan earthquake in south western China.

credit: gunners74 + krnloop


48 thoughts on “Yoo Bin Will Not Rap after Straining her Vocals

  1. How sad
    yoo bin was the best but its okay not that shes never gonna come back……
    but still take care yoo bin
    get well soon so we can hear the best rap in the world again..
    luv u loadzzzz
    please get well soon

  2. i wonder what JYP is doing to all their rappers. first it was that one girl and now yoo bin. what is he doing to them.

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  4. If this were ANY OTHER company, i’d say they are lying and it’s because Yoobin cant yet pronounce all her english properly or rap properly live. But when its JYP, you KNOW they’d do anything to sing live even if they risk sounding bad, unless it was somethin really bad, like poor yoobin’s throat ><.

    So god, WHYYY YOOBIN. Yoobin’s part rap was def the part i was looking forward to hearing LIVE. Its the first time she has a big part! Though her part sounded sorta weird since her first two english lines and the korean lines were very sexy and her other 4 english lines sounded really cute, it was neverless well done T_T!

  5. how can this happen to the awesome rapper?!
    and i was in FULLY ANTICIPATION for their first performance for SO HOT!
    dang it, i really hope she does rest well and recover soon!!
    she’s the best female rapper around so hope that we can see her on the stage rapping live soon :X

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  7. is this some kind of WG rapper curse?! hope she will get well soon cos her part is one of the best..aw~~ take care!

  8. man that really sucks….yoobin is the only person i want to hear and her part is the best in so hot poor yoobie my fav out of all the wonder girls get well soon and i hope she won’t leave the group cause it will be awkward without her….*raps her part from tell me*

  9. i thought May 31st would never come!! gosh, how long we’ve all been waiting.. we’re almost there.. but this…
    NOOooooooooooo…..!!! i’m devastated to hear about this news. 😦
    And all this had occur at the end of March? Omo.. poor yoobin… strain her vocals too much. I hate the fact that in between getting ready for their new single album, the wonder girls had to perform so many small unbroadcasted performances and never got the opportunity to fully replenish themselves.. \_/ they’re not robots for goodness sakes!!!

  10. seriously, yoobin’s rap is the best part of the song!!! im okay with her lipsyncing.. better to lipsync than to cuz more damage to her throat!! NOOO… the WG rapper’s curse… T_T sobs* yoobin i hope u get better!!!

  11. NOOOO!! My favorite Wonder Girl has to lip sync on their COMEBACK?! =( That makes me mucho sad. Also, I definitely think her part is the best part in “So Hot”, and this is one of those instances that she has a long part in the song. This really makes me sad. Wonder Girls aren’t known for great vocals live. Yoobin is usually the one to deliver (taken that she doesn’t usually sing… she still delivers just like the recording.). Well, I hope she gets better! =)

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  13. omg.. this can be real. huhu T__T
    i just woke up, and then this is the first (horrible) news i read online!
    noooo.. T_T
    .. and i was so excited for their performance because i really love her rapping.. T_T
    aww., i hope she gets better soon..=)

  14. jackie chan has sung with kim hee sun b4 so its not really that random .. anyway thats very very sweet of them for doing that.

    poor yoobin, i hope she gets well soon

  15. Get well soon Yoo Bin!!!
    I was really looking forward to her rap in So Hot.
    It’s my fave part!

  16. Awwww…why yoobin of all people???
    I don’t want history to repeat itself….
    BINNIE take care of your health we can’t afford to loose
    another wondergirls again!!!
    ~sorry got a little carried away~

  17. this is so sad.. yoobin is my favorite wonder girl and she does not deserve this before their long awaited comeback..

    yoobin unnie rest up and get better so we can hear you rap livee soon !!!

    yoobin fighting!!! <33 we love youuu

  18. NOOO .__. ~

    thats not good fair ~ why YooBin (lolz)

    a comeback without YooBin(s rap)
    is like … a day without the sun LOL

    ~ so (for me) the comeback will fail (in my heart) lol

    hope YooBin get well soon ~ ❤

  19. I hope she get better and Her Dream come true
    [She want to Rapper Singer]

    [Sorry My Eng bad]

  20. Noo!! she doesn’t deserve this! poor yoobin T__T!!! omg…i went to the voiceproblem.org site. and according to the site:
    “Unknown Cause, but Treatment Can Improve Voice Problem

    For spasmodic dysphonia, like all dystonias:

    * The cause is unknown
    * There is no specific test for diagnosis
    * There is no known cure–but treatment can and does improve symptoms”

    i’m depressed now…… i hope yoobin gets better!!!!

  21. aww i m sad now. i hope she can get better really soon. i ll hate to see her leave, she would be so sad if she leaves

  22. this is sooo sad.
    i’m sure shes more worried than any of us.
    so i hope they give her the time necessary to rest
    her vocals. we love you Yoobin!!!and take your time..

  23. bad!bad!
    overstressed yoobin!
    don’t loose your sexy voice!
    i don’t want to loose you!
    no! not after hyunah!

  24. so depressing
    i hope yoobin gets better!
    i’d hate to have another member change since i love yoobin! ^^

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