Wonder Girls lend their voice for I L♥ve Asia project

Picture of the Wonder Girls arriving at Louis Studio in Kangnam, Seoul to lend their voices to the I Lve Asia project.

Wonder Girls doing their bit for charity

The project was organized by Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan who called on famous producer Park Jin Young and director Kang Je Kyu to help victims from the devastating 12th May Sichuan earthquake in China. All proceeds from the album sales will go towards relief efforts and victims from that earthquake.

Park Jin Young composed the song, extending invitations to a wide variety of top-notch Korean entertainers and artistes. Jackie Chan was in attendance and also participated in the recording for the track called “We are the Asia”.

35 stars including figure skater Kim Yuna, actors Park Yong Ha, Hwang Jung Min, Hong Rok Gi, actresses Han Hye Jin, Kim Ah Joong, singers Kim Dong Wan, Kan Mi Yeon, Chae Yeon, Koo Ju Yup and Kang Won Rae, Brown Eyed Girls, Jeon Hye Bin, Battle, Joo, Jo Sung Mo, Alex, Wheesung, etc recorded the song today.

Most of the stars that turned up to do their bit for charity was honoured to be able to help Jackie Chan in his project as they were big fans of him. It was reported earlier in the Korean media that Rain, Song Hae Gyo, Lee Byung Hun, etc would lend their voices but neither turned up due to scheduling conflicts. Artistes from SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment were conspiciously missing from the event because they are rivals with JYP Entertainment.

Various Artistes recording for I Lve Asia 080529 (credit to ahboo)


31 thoughts on “Wonder Girls lend their voice for I L♥ve Asia project

  1. “Artistes from SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment were conspiciously missing from the event because they are rivals with JYP Entertainment.”

    Just because of rivalries they didn’t bother to show up? How conceited

  2. I know yeah… how selfish of SM and YG artists to not even show up wtf.

    The matter at hand needs everyone’s help… all the help they can get.

    At least JYP has a good reputation still 🙂

  3. “Artistes from SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment were conspiciously missing from the event because they are rivals with JYP Entertainment.”

    WOW, who cares if they are rivals. This is not the time for rivalries.

  4. seriously. i dont think ive ever seen them wear just casual or “normal” clothes!
    but YAY!! FIGHTING!

  5. wow. WG looks different… I’ve never seen them in such normal clothes, such as a t-shirt and jeans alone. Whoa. I like it… but Yoobin is STILL hot despite not being all dressed up. =D She’s so gorgeous. Anyway, that’s really nice of Jackie Chan to do something like this. If there’s any Asian that people would really pay attention to, it’s Jackie Chan. Forget Rain being in the Top Most Influential People, Jackie Chan is definitely one of the most influential Asians out there today. I wish they got more known singers though. I’m somewhat disappointed that even RAIN wasn’t here.

  6. that kim yuna(i think) looks pretty cute when she was just smiling at the camera
    i think jackie is lipsyncing

  7. JYP…Using his power in the music industry to do good… Great to see him.

    Ahhh!!!!! Jo Sung Mo! I’m sooooo glad to see him!
    Park Yong Ha should put his hair down…He looks better that way.
    Kim Yuna seems very mature. Props to her for doing this…

  8. Maybe Yoobin won’t be singing/rapping… she’s just there to make an appearance? I hope so at least, I’d rather have her rest. Just being there is enough for me. And I never noticed her legs were so thin. I like her faded jeans.

  9. such an honor..
    I’m just nervous about them making Yoobin sing…. and sun mi is missing.. o.o”
    Wow Jeon Hye Bin, Kan Mi Yeon, where have you been girls?!?!

  10. The girls must’ve felt very well-respected and even more well-known because of their meeting with Jackie Chan.
    I really do hope that Yoobin get’s well soon…

  11. AFAIK, Rain couldn’t make it because he’s still filming Ninja Assassin in Potsdam, Germany.

  12. Wow I am surprised that Rain didnt show up o_O. Its nice to see JYP and WG being so well known. It must be honored for WG to join this event coz seroiusly, jackie chan is AWESOME. No matter how crap his english is, no matter how dumb of a plot his movies has, I LOVE HIM!! HIS MOVIES never fail to make me laugh!

    Wow, he invited Kan MiYeon, i guess coz she’s made herself a little bit of a name in China. Sorta tsktsk at SM… should have came… I guess thats why in those other group songs there was no WG either…

    anyways, go wg!

  13. the girls look so good…and fresh!

    …hope they don’t make her sing, maybe narrate…

    and so hee def has “the model body”.. everything fits her like a glove..

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