Ye Eun tears at her 20th birthday from fan events

Wonder Girls fans created a small event for Ye Eun who had recently turned 20.

Many fans began crowding around the JYP building on 26th May in Chungdangdom, Seoul to congratulate Ye Eun on her birthday. These people had plank cards to cheer the girls on for their upcoming single and gave a diversity of presents. To reward the girls especially for their hard work, a fan gave a set of expensive meat and smiled. Some fans also danced “Tell Me” after preparing for it in the parking lot of JYP.

Ye Eun started showing tears at the events her fans had presented and said “I’m really thankful for the fans that waited until this late hour” and “I’ll repay with an awesome comeback” as she gave her thoughts.

A staff of JYP replied “I know that Ye Eun fans spent two days practicing what to present for our girls all together” and “This will be a big help to Ye Eun doing well in the 3rd project, So Hot” and sent his thankfulness to the fans.

Ye Eun wore lepoard printing clothing for this project, pointing out the sexiness and it became an issue among the fans.

close up of Ye Eun’s present

^ these are all food!!!!!
and they say only Park YoSa can eat it
Ye Eun must be very happy, haha ^^

credit to Ariel (xsimply juicy), pp226 for translation.


10 thoughts on “Ye Eun tears at her 20th birthday from fan events

  1. she received lots of food as presents for her birthday im sure our park oppa/food princess is so happy!

  2. I think there is a mistake at the very top. I don’t think she is 20. I think she is only 19

  3. Food! That’s so like Ye Eun. I’m glad she received many gifts and such loyalty from her fans ^_^

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