Taan & Wonder Girls Software Teaser Clip + Wallpapers

CF where the Wonder Girls are being superimposed into a software called Taan Character Editor and with some simple brushes, they become anime characters.

Download (right-click, save link or target as)
Wallpapers (credit to cutegiurl)

The software would be released soon on their website.


15 thoughts on “Taan & Wonder Girls Software Teaser Clip + Wallpapers

  1. WOw! so kute…… i want to make my photo become anime characters….!!! someone can help me????? plz mail it thanks!!!

  2. hm, i wonder whatever happened to this project like, other than this, were there any other news about taan and wonder girls together?

  3. wow, i want to try on that too(i’m a designer&illustrator)

    but i don’t find any info about TAAN at all in google, does it develop by Korean programer?

    anyway, nice work on WG cutie cartoon, I love it, and love WG ^o^ –please share it I’d like to make it my icon…

  4. I Can’t D/L and Page Show
    Window Message : Cannot be Found

    Pleasee U check Link again

    [Sorry My Eng Bad]

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