Wonder Girls SendVoice Fan Club Established

Voice fanclub where fans can call in and leave a message or something. Sun Ye looks really good in her wig and it’s funny as they keep forgetting the number.

Direct Download (right-click, save link or target as)

credit: SendVoice Korea


14 thoughts on “Wonder Girls SendVoice Fan Club Established

  1. Anyong hasaeyo nae eedrem saeyun eyah yoe.na korean eedhang yungu eyah yoe.Nanun yuhdulsael eyah yoe.(Hello.my name is shannon.I am korean and English.I am eight years old.)

    P.s.Nae geumalou hanguke eyah yoe.(I am really korean)

  2. Wowwww
    Thank you very much
    This is my first time that i saw Sunye waring pink mini skirt.
    Very Impresssssssssssssss
    This clip very funny hahaha
    ^^~ happy

  3. lol.. none of them knew the number!
    and sunye looked hot…
    shes really working that wig…and skirt.. wooo*

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