Wonder Girls So Hot Design for 1677 Calling Cards

Never-seen before pictures of the Wonder Girls in their leopard prints attire being used for 1677 calling card designs. Hopefully they will appear as pictures in the booklet of their CD single album or somewhere else.

Looking closely now, Sun Ye reveals the most skin afterall.


15 thoughts on “Wonder Girls So Hot Design for 1677 Calling Cards

  1. hmm I think none really show that much,
    they only show shoulder, arms, legs that pretty it.

    anyway godd i cant wait for their comeback.

  2. Sun Mi is definitely showing the most skin. She has a top like Sun Ye and short shorts. I love Yoobin and Sun Ye in the first picture. Yoobin’s like, “Ahhh, I love life! Yes, keep taking pictures of me! I know I’m so hot hot!”, and Sun Ye’s like, “YEAH! LET’S PARTAY!” Haha!

  3. ^Actually if you look closer to where Sun Ye is in the first pic, there’s a steering wheel in front of her. Sohee’s just extending her arms but they’re not on the steering wheel. I guess the car is just staying put. lol

    Sohee’s lips look really plump in the first pic.

    But overall, love em and I wish they used the second pic for the album cover instead.

  4. Sohee is driving the car in the first pic, you can see the little steerin wheel.. which is WEIRD isn’t she UNDERAGE? Anyways the PD must love sohee lots to give her the “honor” lol i love the first photo more! the second one is ok πŸ™‚ Ye Eun actually looks better in the second one more than their album cover, but sunme and yoobin looks mad 😦

  5. The car’s not moving… SunYe’s the last one to get on and she’s the driver lol.. And yes she’s showing off a lot of shoulder lol

  6. from watching korean dramas, i think the steering wheel in south korea is on the left side like in the U.S…
    aniwho, i spy sunye in shorts/skirt! *-* the girls are gorgeous.. ❀

  7. Ooh, love the first picture. Actually it kind of looks like So Hee is driving. Are the steering wheels in Korea on the opposite side?

  8. I guess they’re escorting a.. non-moving car? Or perhaps Yoobin’s powerful dance moves make the car move.

    I know right
    WHo is drivig the car?
    I love Sun-Min collar bone

    Soohee looks very different on 1st photo

    Overall , they all look fabulous though

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