2008 Dream Concert Details

The Korean Entertainment Producers Association and broadcasting station SBS join hands for a music festival called “I Love Korea! 2008 Dream Concert,” which will be held on June 7 at 7 pm at the Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium.

2008 Dream Concert

The said music festival will be attended by no less than top singers in the Korean music scene like TVXQ, SS501, Epik High, Super Junior, MC Mong, Jewelry, Maya, Wonder Girls, Girls’ Generation, Buga Kingz, Baechigi, Typhoon, Shinee, Mighty Mouth, Peter and special guest Japanese-born Korean judo player Yoshihiro Akiyama. Unable to be there? You can watch it live online.

The “Dream Concert,” into its 14th year, aims to not only a music festival but also a campaign to promote patriotism and stop illegal use of music and other contents. For ticket inquiries, visit the homepages of Gmarket and PandoraTV.

Source: krnloop

Not sure if this is really going to happen
I’m sure most of you would have known about Tiffany and friends angering Shinhwa fans, especially Jun Jin after the earlier make fun about him in the past week. Well, this was not their first time speaking disrespectfully.

Now even though Tiffany and friends have apologised, it appears fans are not going to let it end that easily with just an apology. The six biggest fanclubs in Korea have apparently entered into an alliance against So Nyeo Shi Dae fans at the upcoming 2008 Dream Concert. Well if you didn’t know, ShenYuePop has wrote an excellent primer on Tiffany and all her “incidents”.

Shinhwa – Shinhwa Changjo
DBSK – Cassiopeia
SS501 – Triple S
Super Junior – E.L.F
Big Bang – V.I.P
Wonder Girls – Wonderfuls

Not sure if this is really true. But this is an unprecedented event that sees all six fanclubs united as one. Let’s wait until 7th June.


31 thoughts on “2008 Dream Concert Details

  1. You guys are REALLY pathetic. Do you guys honestly have no life? You guys sit around on your computer and bash other artists just because they did a mistake. We all do mistakes! Tiffany will learn her lesson. I am such a big fan of SoShi. And seeing videos from the Dream Concert just puts these fans to shame. This is all YOU guys. YOU guys should be the one to be punished. After all, there was karma right? Suju banners getting destroyed… *sigh. Sad, that is what you stupid fucking fans get for trashing other artists as if they aren’t humans. Seriously, grow the hell up… you stupid immature girl fans. It’s not like any of YOU will end up with a member from DBSK or Super Junior. Give it up. And forget what SNSD has done. They made a mistake and they will learn from their mistake. And sometimes you shouldn’t even take it too damn serious. For example, Tiffany corrected his English of whatever-his-name-is. It was in the script, losers. You guys make me laugh. It’s sad to see Suju’s fans, SNSD’s fans, DBSK’s fans, SS501’s fans to act this way. It’s really sad. And to chant WONDER GIRLS during SNSD’s performance… really immature. Really.

    Btw, Tiffany’s eye smile IS pretty. Lmao, can tell you’re quite jealous because you defended yourself by saying SOHEE is better.

  2. THEY WILL PERFORM ‘SO HOT’. On June 7, they are already promoting ‘So Hot’, so why would they perform a song that they aren’t performing already? If they would I would be really disappointed. But my love for WG, wouldn’t change.

  3. i really hope Shinhwa Changjo, Cassiopeia ,Triple S, E.L.F , V.I.P , and Wonderfuls protest or do something against snsd they have totally no respect for their seniors especially tiffany acting totally like a bitch..i think its early this monh or last month when snsd forum in soompi is suspended for a week thx to their beloved soshified who are arguing about her..btw her eye smile isnt pretty anyway..sohee is so much better<3wondergirls fighting!

  4. hmm will VIPs really be there even tho bigbang’s not performing?

    (bigbang will be in thailand for their global warning concert that day)

  5. shunyue’s website is a huge anti snsd anyway. its somewhat disturbing hes was so dedicated to make tiffany look bad for her cheek behavior.

  6. Wow……6 fanclubs united as one? You know how big DBSK’s fanclub is??
    Even Big Bang’s fanclub is going, and they’re not even gonna be there. That’s weird.

    Hope they don’t do anything too harsh, I mean Tiffany does say things that are a little inappropriate. She should be careful more often. I’m a big fan of SNSD, but I kinda feel sorry for the whole group, cause once you think about it, this all targets to Tiffany.

    Lets just hope nothing too serious happens to them and their fans.

    Wonder what song Wonder Girls might sing. I’m guessing “Tell me”. I wouldn’t think they would sing “So hot” yet, but if they do that’ll be cool. (: Can’t wait!!

  7. Woah, I’ve read the post at Shneyue and I’m a bit shocked^^;; And seeing all fanclubs unite against SNSD… I feel almost sry for the SNSD fans ^^;;
    Good that our girls are always so respectful!

  8. Well…i don’t really care if SNSD gets washed out at that concert…feel sorry for the other 8 members though…
    It’s not even their fault…hahaha

  9. oh my.. this is a big problem.. no Wonderful don’t join! just be wonderful to them.. i can’t see anything bad with parodying Junjin though.. but if they think it was bad, it’s fine but at least don’t do that something alliance.. tsk..tsk.. i wish it won’t happen.

  10. >_> Seriously what is the big deal? Juujin didnt even seem offended… And people keep forgetting Tiffany is from the states, and people there are ALOT LESS rigid with “seniority.” But I can’t believe those 6 fanclubs would turn something into little to somethin this big, I feel so bad for fany ><.

  11. beautyfulred: i think big bang wont be there either cause they’re busy or it’s the same case as when wonder girls were pulled out of hollywood bowl. since sbs is broadcasting and seungri+daesung is mc-ing for mbc music core… sounds familiar?
    i wish they’re going to be there though!

    what will the fanclubs be doing? i think they’ll just cheer for everyone and move their balloons along except for snsd lol
    i’d doubt they do anything bad @_@

  12. 6 vs. 1? for sure 2008 dream concert will be very exciting.
    poor snsd its only tiffany’s fault.


  13. read it again..
    the alliance is against SNSD fans?? why the fans?? they need to get TIFFANY!!, shes the culprit… wow, after they get beat down, her fans are going to hate her guts…
    i think they should’ve kept it on the dl.. because the organizers are expecting it now, and they might even censor it on tv…or will they?? lol, i wanna see it, but i bet the server will crash on us.. urgh…lol

  14. i think korean fans/singers are way too dramatic about this stuff. if an apology is given, it should be over. tiffany is young. she’s not well mannered yet. its typical. people mess up to learn. everyone makes mistakes. the elders should be more understanding. so should the fans. nobody is perfect.

  15. well it will be nice to see the girls on stage again…

    the other girls? they made their own bed, its time to sleep in it.. though i feel somewhat bad for them, they need to tape tiffany’s loose mouth, before she turns their own fans against them…


  16. “music festival will be attended by no less than top singers in the Korean music scene”—- where’s BIG BANG? their not attending the DREAM CONCERT?

  17. Hi! I’m new to Wonder Girls and your blog, but I love them both already!

    Before I really got into kpop, I tried to give all the girl groups equal chances. SNSD’s Tiffany struck me as kinda fake from the beginning, so I can’t say that she doesn’t deserve this.

    Anyways, Wonder Girls/ Wonderfuls fighting! I wish I could be there at Dream Concert!

  18. probably is blown out of proportion. but that doesn’t excuse her from interrupting people or dissing people who she should respect (even if she isn’t used to sunbae hoobae relationships)… i think her biggest problem is her need for attention.
    poor girl.
    and i actually like snsd (they can sing), but i think i like the wondergirls better. XD

  19. see i knew tiffany was going to get hurt. she talks so carelessly and ppl take it easy cause shes from the states, but theres a limit to her thoughtlessness…personally, as a shinhwa fan, i was pretty pissed off too..
    welll….wg hwaiting!!!!!

  20. wow! fans are going to that extent? 6 fanclubs joing as one?

    by the way, I just want the concert to be fun, livelier and ends it well.

    *i want to see what are they going to do to with SNSD and their fans. hehe. maybe not letting SNSD’s fans to have a seat in this concert?

    i’m so going to watch the concert live online and see my WONDERGIRLS. wooohooo!!!

  21. They waited a week b4 apologizing to JunJin tsk tsk.
    Tiffany, Tiffany, you should learn to be more respectful and not to talk some times cuz’ you’re making the whole group looks bad. It’s no problem if you’re a *solo* artist but you’re in a *group* dear >.>

    Wow! Wonderful is one of the biggest fanclubs yay!
    Wonderful zu! zu! ^^

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