Wonder Girls Introduces their New Single

I think this was supposed to be their approach by releasing this preview before their comeback live performance and single release until that is their “So Hot” track got leaked onto the internet. Nevertheless, it has already happened and so far so good with it receiving a lot of attention once again from everyone.

Wonder Girls speaking and talking about their comeback with “So Hot”
Streaming | Download (30 secs)

credit: wonderholic


3 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Introduces their New Single

  1. thanks coolsmurf.. XD i really hope i was able to understand them..
    but its so good to hear their voices..
    “COMING SOON” ..cute.
    thanks again.

  2. thanks coolsmurf. this song for sure will get rid of the tell me craze. I was worried how were they going to top tell me and they for sure did it. this song is so so hot HOT. lol

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