[HQ] Wonder Girls So Hot MV with subtitles

HQ TV-Rip Wonder Girls So Hot music video with the MTV logo. Other than that, I have re-synced the subtitles, so just re-download from the links below.

Wonder Girls So Hot MV

Part 1 | Part 2 (MF)
Part 1 | Part 2 (4shared)
Subtitle (password: sohot)

Wonder Girls – So Hot MV (english subbed)
Might not be your cup of tea on first listen but give it a few tries.

Having heard the song, seen the MV, now only left with seeing them performing “So Hot” live. 31st May on Music Core, mark that date down if you haven’t! It should be a riot to see them perform wearing their leopard print outfits.


60 thoughts on “[HQ] Wonder Girls So Hot MV with subtitles

  1. Hi Guys! Thank you for sharing your blessings … It’s really hard to find HQ links nowadays! Keep up the good work and We are expecting more new cool stuffs from you in the future. He he he good luck and keep on rockin’

  2. argg argg the part 2 is still in there!! >< but when they say you need part 2 i did click on it but the ox keeps jumping up again

  3. heeey i got a problem here, when i finished download the file, i can’t open it, it says ‘please locate the segment named sohot……..’ and it was nowhere to be located T.T

    can you help me pleaaase? ^^

  4. Hi, How can i use the ssa file? i mean, does it have some kind of other software to open it? I can’t get the subtitles in the video..help me please….

  5. Yoo Bin’s rap is addicting…can you post it on this blog, Coolsmurf? The romanization one. Please….I couldn’t download anything, my laptop is too old haha…

  6. yaightt..!! awesomee!!
    can’t wait to go homee..
    and download it XD
    many many manyy l0ves^^

  7. sorry for double posting, but
    nevermind, i found the problem..
    i left the korean characters in there xD

  8. I have problems extracting this,
    it says i’m missing part 2 when it’s sitting
    right there…
    I already checked the names and they were identical…
    and i got them both from 4shared..
    help please? >.<

  9. Now i use WMPlayer.
    the video is running, but no sound.
    and what can i do with subtitle(.ssa)file
    help me please
    thx u.

  10. I’m already unzip the file.
    now i have a file named “WG – So Hot”
    I played with WinAmp
    but the show only the first second’s picture
    and then, it has no sound and MV playing.
    it looks like it’s always pausing

  11. once you download the two files, it helps to rename the files into something without chinese characters. Else winrar refuses to recognize, much less process, the second file.

  12. thankkksss!! i really love HQs of WG.

    anyways, have you been watching Infinity Challenge? the boys are still on “Tell Me” mode on this recent episode. it was cute. lol. i wonder how they will do “So Hot.” ^^

  13. download winrar from http://www.rarsoft.com and open part 1, proceed by dragging the file inside onto your desktop, enter the password into the prompt and you are done. ensure you have download part 1 and 2 and they are in the same location.

  14. i tried both files, but they still wont attach to each other… and ive tried a few “split + unsplit” programs too

  15. @cutegiurl, thank you for ur hard work!

    @Falcior, the password is working

    @Bboymo & lisa, use a unzip software like winrar

    @really?, just rumour by anti-fans

  16. Really hot mv indeed hehe I prefer this one better than the tell me and I think I’ve been playing it for about 20 times since I got it. By the way is it me or some of them gain weight since their trip to the US, esp. Sun Ye?

  17. reply to hello9045, didnt you see the other girl who showed up 1:53 and sort of stole the guys’ attention from yeeun?

  18. Their booty rotation move seems so unnatural… like forced “sexiness” other than that, I like the mv.

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  22. thanks!!! ive been really pissed wwhen i wasted an hour downloading a fake! haha anyways thanks for the REAL HQ! i’m fine with the Logo hahaha but it will be better without it ^_^

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