Wonder Girls So Hot Preview + Album Cover + Track Listing

The preview track for their new single has been leaked this evening and JYP has confirmed that it would be investigating how it happened.

The album cover is also out and shows all of them wearing leopard print clothing in various designs. Ye Eun has a purple color leopard print dress, Yoo Bin wears a leopard print hoodie, So Hee has a leopard print suspenders, Sun Ye has a normal leopard print dress while Sun Mi has a pink leopard print dress.

(click here for same picture but without the words)

Sun Ye (can hardly recognise her frankly) has the wig curse handed to her from Yoo Bin but why must they also block out her face with the strong flash lighting!!! Other than that, it is just a fabulous looking group picture portraying them as top stars with the paparazzi trying to snap their pictures behind.

There will be a total of 4 tracks in the single album with 3 new songs plus 1 which is a rap version of their 2007 hit song “Tell Me”.

1. So Hot (available here courtesy of cutegiurl)
2. This Time
3. You’re Out
4. Tell me (Rap Ver.)

Track is for preview only and please buy original to support them!

The “So Hot” track is pretty catchy but you gotta give it a few listens. It seems like JYP is going for a dance concept because it’s somewhere in between retro and dance for me, something like the Pussycat Dolls. It doesn’t do their vocals any justice definitely but so was “Tell Me”. It’s hard to hear who sings which part except for the rapping by Yoo Bin which is really cool. JYP has certainly done an excellent job producing this. The MV is going to be SO HOT!!!


71 thoughts on “Wonder Girls So Hot Preview + Album Cover + Track Listing

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  4. bonjour mon nom est london se demandent les filles sont des chiennes

  5. i love sun ye’s short hair(or wig) is it a wig or did she really cut her hair short? maybe cz Sun ye is one of my fav..she’s d 1st person that catches my attention..and i dun really tink she resembles yoo bin in that short hair tho.. and i hate the flash that covers most of sun ye’s face..the cover look soo hot!!

  6. LOVE THE COVER they all look gorgeous i love Yoo Bin and Ye Eun’s poses
    …and what is up with the flash covering Sun Ye’s face?!! Couldn’t they have edited it out or something =P
    but anyways~~ SunYe is rocking that short hair. It’s really pretty

  7. thank you+ … bro.. i know you work hard ^ _^ .

    And noww++ Cheer themm mup ~~~~ yeahhhh

    ” please buy original to support them! ”

    ++++ please please please ++++

  8. i love their concept and mv and everything but im scared that they will be criticized by antis and netizen for the “MODEST” lyrics….i dont think theres a problem but antis…they make fuss about nothing but everything…STILL, WG HWAITING.

  9. I’m not so impressed by the new dance moves. It’s like they are trying to be too cute and sexy at the same time.
    I guess they still need more refinement and practive because they seem to be out of sync.
    The tune is catchy though.
    I think Sun Ye looks the best in the MV.

  10. i’m starting to like their song!

    omg, i just cant wait for their performance!
    yeah, your right. the song doesn’t do their beautiful voices justice! but its still hot, lol!

  11. i SO love the cover! they all look so cool posing like that. haha! but then at first, i was like “where’s sun ye??” haha *slaps myself for not recognizing her* lol.. (curse that flash! i thought it was yoobin) hahah :)) but she looks really pretty with short hair ^^

  12. can anyone put the korean lyrics as a picture? so that i can see the characters coz now all i see is question marks ^_^ if i can get a hold of a pic version of the korean lyrics i can romanize it for everyone ^_^

  13. just kidding, i found them! 🙂

    왜 자꾸 쳐다보니 왜 에 에
    내가 그렇게 예쁘니 이 이
    아무리 그렇다고 그렇게 쳐다보면
    내가 좀 쑥쓰럽잖니 이 이

    내가 지나갈 때 마다 아 아
    고갤 돌리는 남자들 을 을
    뒤에서 느껴지는 뜨거운 시선들
    어떻게 하면 좋을지 이 이

    i’m so hot
    난 너무 예뻐요
    i’m so fine
    난 너무 매력있어
    i’m so cool
    난 너무 멋져
    i’m so so so hot hot

    언제나 나를 향한 눈길들이 이
    항상 따라오는 이 남자들이 이
    익숙해 질 때도 된것같은데
    왜 아직 부담스러운지 이

    조용히 살고 싶은데 에 에
    다른 여자애들 처럼 엄 엄
    엄마는 왜 날 이렇게 낳았어
    내 삶을 피곤하게 하는지

    i’m so hot
    난 너무 예뻐요
    i’m so fine
    난 너무 매력있어
    i’m so cool
    난 너무 멋져
    i’m so so so hot hot

    i’m so hot
    난 너무 예뻐요
    i’m so fine
    난 너무 매력있어
    i’m so cool
    난 너무 멋져
    i’m so so so hot hot

    Everybody is watching me
    cause i`m HOT
    everybody is wanting me
    cause i`m HOT

    언제나 어디서나 날 따라다니는 이 스포트라이트
    어딜 가나 쫓아오지 식당 길거리 카페의 라이트
    도대체 얼마나 날 들어야 이놈의 인기는 수그러들지, 원
    섹시한 내 눈은 고소영
    아름다운 내 다리는 좀 하지원
    어쩌면 좋아
    모두 나를 좋아하는 것 같아
    Oh, no~ please leave me alone~
    other boys be loving me
    girls be hating me
    they will never stop
    Cuz they know, i`m so HOT

    I`m SO HOT
    난 너무 예뻐요
    I`m SO fine
    난 너무 매력 있어
    I`m SO COOL
    난 너무 멋져

  14. oh man.. i can already imagine the MV being really HOOOOOTTT!!! i agree, this song doesn’t really do the girls any justice on their vocals.. 😦 but heck, it’s catchy.. i love yoobin’s rap in this!!! XD

  15. dang.
    i think sunmi and sunye look the best.
    they are probably going to be the most popular this album 🙂

  16. The song’s so awesome! I had to listen to it twice before I started to really like it. ^_^ Can’t wait for the album anymore…

  17. I think the chorus needs more excitement, but the beat is pretty good 😀 I guess I’ll need to listen to it more ~~ >o<

  18. I looooove Yoobin’s rap. 😀

    SO HOT is like retro-sexy and Tell Me was retro-cute.
    I’m not sure if I like SO HOT yet.. but I bet I will after watching their performance!

  19. OMG!!!

    I love this song..

    Can’t wait to get the CD!!!

  20. i love the album cover! i like the way yoobin
    look with the hood on. and i like how sun mi
    plump her lips lol. and i like their new song !
    yoobin rap = ❤

  21. OHMYGOSH! THAT IS SO SO SO HOT HOT! =D i love yoobin in that picture the best because she looks so casual… like urban style. that flash on sun ye’s face sucks, but i like her dress, too. ye eun looks so glamorous in the picture. i’m so excited. the song IS hot… but i feel like it’s another ordinary dance song. >.<

  22. They really shouldn’t have placed that “spot light” thing on SunYe’s face, you can’t really see it. SunMi should have been looking away from the camera too. The album cover looks great though. Nice concept and definitely takes away their “innocent, cute” image.

  23. Eng Translations: soyboy@Shenyuepop.com

    SO HOT…

    And Wonder Girls
    We’re back!
    (oh oh…oh oh)
    Why do you keep looking at me, eh eh~
    Am I that pretty e e~
    Even if I am that pretty, if you keep staring like that
    It’s kind of embarrassing e e~
    Whenever I walk past ah ah~
    The guys turn their heads uh uh~
    I can feel the hot attention
    What can I do? e e~
    Oh so hot~
    (Ye Eun) I’m so pretty
    Oh so fine~
    (SoHee) I’m so fine
    Oh so cool~
    (SunYe) I’m so cool
    I’m so so so hot hot~
    The gazes that are always directed to me e e~
    The guys who constantly follow me e e~
    I should be used to it by now
    Why am I still so nervous? e e~
    (Ye Eun)
    I want to live quietly
    Like all the other girls uhm uhm~
    Why was I born like this?
    My life is so tiring
    (Oh so hot~)
    I’m so pretty
    (Oh so fine~)
    I’m so fine
    (Oh so cool~)
    I’m so cool
    I’m so so so hot hot
    I’m so pretty
    I’m so fine
    I’m so cool
    I’m so so so hot hot
    Everybody’s watching me
    ‘Cause I’m hot hot
    Everybody’s wanting me
    ‘Cause I’m hot hot
    All the time, everywhere
    following me
    this spotlight
    Chasing me where ever I go
    resturant street cafe club
    How much older do I have to get?

    Why doesn’t this popularity cool down?
    Sexy eyes Go Soo Young
    My beautiful legs like Ha Ji Won
    I can’t help it
    I think everyone likes me oh no
    Please leave me alone
    All the boys be lovin’ me
    Girls be hating me
    They will never stop
    ‘Cause they know I’m so hot hot
    I’m so pretty
    I’m so fine
    I’m so cool
    I’m so so so hot hot

  24. I’ll be in Korea in July so I plan to pick up the album then 😛
    As for this track, i agree it sounds like PCD but JYP has been training them with the “Don’t Cha” song so it was a matter of time before they got their own PCD style song. I hope they saved some awesome songs for the full album =T

  25. I dunno why everybody keeps complaining about the 3-seconds JYP intro.

    As much work as he put in the Wonder Girls project, he has EVERY right to be full of himself.

  26. wow the tone of the song is so high. i hope they perform this song live and have no problems. i really hate how JYP always does the intro for every song. its so annoying. he s so full of himself. yoobin sounds so hot. i could hear sohee but the others are harder to identify. i cant wait!

  27. oh and sunye looks great in the group pic!
    i think she outshines everyone~
    if only the flash wasnt on her face -___-

    i think sunmi and yeeun doesnt look as good as everyone @_@

  28. i love this song!
    i’ve been replaying it so many times and they havent even performed it yet -___-

    jyp just have to include himself lol >.<

  29. @ szai

    where are you from though? i’m from Philippines and i’m so unlucky that when i was having my vacation, WG wasn’t active and then when the suffering will be back, BOOM! school is starting, baby!

  30. @ chae-gyeong_01 & Nuguya?
    lolz! summer ended in the part of the planet i am from,
    in fact the rain just started! lolz!

  31. Yeah the melodie is something retro again haha
    Trying to know who sing which part : Sunmi, Sunye then after the chorus Sohee, Yeeun and Yubin haha
    SO so HOT HOT Hawttt lol

    I can’t wait for the performance !

  32. I HAVE TO BUY THIS OMG. i’m totally loving “so hot”! and can’t wait for the mv too ksdfjdsj excited~~~

  33. i predict that the MV will have endless bulb-flashing-lights.
    can’t wait!
    anyways, what’s with “HOT”??? summer is over ain’t it??? lolz!
    everyone’s spazzin with “HOT” lately.

  34. I love this picture!! They’re all very beautiful & gorgeous!
    I like sun ye’s new hair (or wig..) she is so pretty with short hair. They’re all SO HOT!
    and WoW i love the new song, ,,So Hot”!! <33

  35. too much brushing over SunYe’s face lol.. She looks cute with that hair on and Yoobin looks when the first picture of her was shown lol…

    I can tell who’s who in So Hot lol.. except Yoobin since she’s the rapper lol

  36. At first I couldn’t find SunYe. GOSH SunYe looks like Yoobin in that picture thanks to the blinding light and short hair (or wig? yuck!).

    After recongnizing Sunye, I give her and Sohee and Yoobin thumbsup. The little smile from SunYe is great, and Sohee and Yoobin fits RIGHt into this redcarpet concept.

    I didnt like YeEun and Sunmi… Ye Eun’s facial expression needs serious work and the way she held the sunnies wasn’t as cool as sohee. SunMi is ADORABLE but not really doing much for the concept. She looks dumb and lost ;-;

    OMG thank you thank you for posting this coolsmurf and thanks to person who uploadted the song too.. i actually LOVE IT! Unlike tell me, at first i was like wtf is this >>. I cant wait to see their MV and performances. The only thing is I dont like how JYP places himself in the song = = and at the beginning, how lame. I hear ALOT of Sohee in this song.. is it maybe because everyone sings in a higher tone? we’ll see… and Yoobin’s rap is ❤

  37. yes, the MV will be so hot!!! the song is not that good at first listen but second listen you will really like it.. i’m already dancing to it even though i don’t know the steps.

  38. wah….i love the cover!!!
    i got the streaming link from soompi earlier..
    but here..the DL link.woot.

  39. oh and yeah you’re right about their voice…i cant really determine who sings what part…coz they all sound the same haha but i will solemnly listen to it tonight! haha i will figure out whose who hehe ^_^

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