[MQ] Wonder Girls So Hot MV with subtitles

Wonder Girls So Hot music video was released via Cyworld this morning and I have been busy getting the subtitles into the video and it’s all done now. It’s really a colorful MV and I am liking the style and concept of it.

Wonder Girls So Hot MV

Direct Download (Right-click, save link or target as)
Subtitle (password: sohot)

Wonder Girls – So Hot MV (english subbed)
Might not be your cup of tea on first listen but give it a few tries.

Having heard the song, seen the MV, now only left with seeing them performing “So Hot” live. 31st May on Music Core, mark that date down if you haven’t! It should be a riot to see them perform wearing their leopard print outfits.


64 thoughts on “[MQ] Wonder Girls So Hot MV with subtitles

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  2. i agree that it’s not dat easy to sing compared to Ee Babo and Tell Me, and it didnt really show off their vocals which all of them hav..just wish that they could show off their real talent..well maybe JYP will have another song whereby the members can make use of their talent..nevertheless, this song is gud!

  3. i love it too^^ now this is one of my favorite songs&videoclips xP the girls are so pretty in the video, and this video’s cool! nice job =)
    i like the part when so hee fall, it’s so funny ^^ and i love yoo bin’s part!

  4. omg sooooo many replies and everyone love this song.i love it too,especially yoobin part,its hilarious

  5. I like the MV!!
    The song doesnt click me….
    Who made this song…. omg… doesnt realli impress me.
    Guess, this time they r on the “Jewelry” Path…
    Dun think this song will bring the same wave like “Tell Me” or “Irony”.

    Anyway, The dance performed by Wonder Girls is IMPRESSIVE!

  6. I made So hot Thai sub cause I’m Thai.

    If U want post at U Block
    U tell me and I sent photo
    + Link File for u.

    [sorry my eng bad]

  7. PopSeoul is so ridiculous. So it has some booty shaking, but come on~ Seriously, in America, almost all teens do this kind of dancing. PopSeoul needs to get a life. This MV is cute, sweet, sassy, and sexy~

  8. @irees

    The girl who stole all the guys from Yeeun is their choreographer Hwa Young not Hyun A. I just like pause on her to see her face and I was xD

  9. So this song will be misunderstood by most people and think they’re conceited by the lyrics lol

  10. Wickerman,

    Thank you for your reply. It is good to know that the girls are not so shallow and more well rounded than is given as a first impression. I will be more careful not to jump to conclusions, but if one’s first and only exposure to this music group is this song and this video, what is there to keep them from thinking they are Paris Hilton type people?

    Best wishes to you, and to the girls of this music group. I hope they continue to care about their education, faith and family, and keep in mind that beauty and money are not the important things in this world. (And I hope their young fans will remember this, too.)

    Most sincerely,

  11. ahh ! thanks for the video
    it was verry hot yet funny during the middle
    i seriously laughed out loud wehn so hee fell den got back up
    haha oh so hee ❤

  12. @Sun

    It’s too bad you didn’t notice they are making fun
    of the conceited/narcissistic attidude in the video.

    Better role models?
    So if youngsters like the group and in desiring to know
    more about them other than basing their worth to society
    on presumptions and assumptions, they discover they

    -Have a strong faith (go to church every week)
    -Value strong education (all intend on finishing with university degrees regadless of their job as entertainers)
    -Support each other as a group first and foremost
    -Promote the importance/responsibility having a say in goverment by voting
    -Have a undying respect for the family, their elders, teachers, anyone pretty much who has worked with them.
    -A strong work ethic

    These are bad role models to have?

    I think in thirty years, they will all have retained the lessons
    they have learned, have fruitful families, maintained a love for
    singing, acting, and passion for life. With some coming from sad upbringings, they’ve taken care of their families with what
    succcess they had and in thirty years will hope that they have
    parlayed that investment wise. Hwaiting as you say!

  13. @Sun

    Actually, I think this song represents the opposite of what you said about girls just being sex objects of men. This song, because of its overconfident style lyrics, shows that yeah, we girls are beautiful, and yeah, you boys SHOULD treat us better because we can replace you like *snap*. It’s a very modern woman style of thinking.

  14. This is actually sexy AND cute. Adorable. I can go into details, but I’d be typing forever. I just love this!

    But coolsmurf, question: I heard Hyun Ah is the cheerleader that stole Ye Eun’s football players. Is that true?

  15. It’s too bad that this kind of narcissistic, egotistical attitude has infected music from other countries. It’s bad enough that American Hollywood has too much of it.

    This is a poor example for girls and shows that it’s “cool” to be “hot”, “sexy” and “pretty” – basically making them feel only like a sex object to be desired by men.

    We need better role models who show that talent and intelligence is more important than short skirts and good looks. In thirty years the girls from this band will be fatter and wrinkled, and then what will they have to be proud of?

    It’s really sad 😦

  16. to be honest at first i heard there single ” so hot” i thought it was weird but listing to it like a few times its actually good and i love dis song and its stuck in my head and i cant get it out of my head. cant wait till there comeback performance

  17. omg! thank you soooo much. i thought i would have to wait until june to know anything about this new single! thanks!!!

  18. All I can say is, JYP is BRILLIANT! I didn’t know how he could top “Tell Me” but this song is HOT!

    Love Yoobin’s rap. The lyrics are hella good.
    Does Sun Ye ever look bad? (Her short hair looks great!)
    Ye Eun looks the sexiest to me.
    Sun Mi is adorable!
    So Hee is too cute to be hot! ^^

  19. Ok Yoobin’s rap rocks !!!!!!
    I just wish the dance part is little bit different
    Really not a fan of booty shaking part
    Again Im bit conservative
    and old tooo 🙂 (just my opinionI)
    Other than that absolutely love it
    Of course my fav Yoobin, Ye-eun
    Sun-Min <—— Love her leg!!!!!!!!!

  20. thanks so much! it’s such an awesome video. JYP, undoubtedly, is a genius ;D and seriously, it kind of ticks me off seeing all these “oh they’re too young” “nooooo they’re supposed to be cuteeee” comments. i mean, seriously, until when do you want them to be stuck in the tell me era? time to move on, darlings.

  21. superrrrrrrrr~ ^^
    it’d be cool if theres another So Hot dance fever lolol
    yoobin& sunye rockin man
    and the rap was LOVEEE

  22. So Hee’s fall was soo cute! haha XD i repeated it over and over haha and Yoobin’s rapping was awesome!! it’s my favorite part of the song.. and yeah., they all kinda sound the same (xcept for Yoobin of course).. if it wasn’t for the PV, i would keep thinking that it was So Hee singing Sun Ye’s part. hehe.

    cute lyrics by the way! and the dance too~
    thanks for sharing! 🙂

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  24. P.S. Thank you coolsmurf for the direct download. It looks so much better in higher quality!

  25. I don’t know why people were so afraid of the new look being sexy. Personally, I knew JYP would not go too far. Though he has spend a good deal of his time outside of South Korea, he still was taught, since birth, the conservative morals of that country. I disagree that they are the Korean Pussycat Dolls in that they all bring in their own personality and talent to the mix. Only the lead singer of PCD is prominently featured, and relatively known. Perhaps this current song is similar in style with the songs of PCD, but generally they have a wide arrange of musical styles unlike PCD.
    As for the content, JYP is the composer AND lyricist for the band. The girls are not being conceited as they had little to say in the matter. This might only be a rumor, but Sun Mi cried when she heard the concept for Tell Me. That didn’t stop JYP from executing his vision of 80’s reminiscent styles and music. Also, I feel it’s more of a parody on girls who are like actually like this. We all know, at least the fans who watch the interviews and behind-the-scenes videos and actually understand what they say, they are humble about their looks, especially Sun Mi. There are many interviews in which she talks about not being pretty without makeup or not as loved as another member of the group. Not all songs are about the artists. Regina Spektor is famous for writing songs not about herself. She says that it’s not fair that actors can play diverse roles and no one will ever say they are that character, but singers are thought to write only autobiographical lyrics. Many artists do write autobiographical lyrics, but many also write about different characters or in the view point of someone they know.

    Okay, that aside, I really loved the music video! Everything about it was cute and fun. Sun Mi looked so adorable in that dress. I would have totally gotten her that diamond ring. I was not a big fan of the straight cut bangs, except when they grew a bit longer like in how it was in Thailand, but this style is so cute. I like her in pigtails, which they recently did twice in concerts before Thailand, but it wouldn’t fit this “So Hot” image. Yoobin’s rap was so sexy. I got chills when I heard it. I love the hoodie; it’s very urban. Their focus is on the image, not seasonally correct attire. Poor Yoobin and Sun Mi had to wear shorts and skirts all throughout Tell Me during the cold, snowy, Korean winter.

  26. hay… going back and looking at their single album cover.. i wonder why yeeun didn’t wear that purple leopard dress that she wore on the cover! :/
    haha..im focusing way too much on their clothes.
    leaves for reals now~*

  27. OMG!! it’s out!!! earlier today i was spazzing through the MP3 and now the MV is out?! goodness!!! XD
    I love the MV!! the girls are gorgeous, though to be honest, their outfit is rather plain.. :/
    -sunye’s pants is way too high on the waist
    -sunmi’s pink leopard print doesn’t blend in w/ the girls.. and it looks like she just throw on the yellow shirt just for the heck of it. x_X;
    -yoobin is one hot momma but this leopard outfit do her no good.. a big NO for hoodies in the summer..-_-;;
    -yeeun’s outfit is the same as her individual portrait!! makes me mad that the stylist just recycle her wardrobe like that and dont get her an additional outfit. 😥
    -sohee’s outfit is interesting.. it makes her look like a kid.. haha~
    my comments are starting to sound like im bashing the girls.. dont get the wrong idea! i love the girls!! just dont like their outfits.. T-T
    i LOVE this song and MV! been hearing/watching it on repeat! *-* i wish it was longer though.. it’s like only 3 minutes–much shorter than “tell me”.. i wonder how their performance will look like? i hope they do like a lil remix dance in the middle or something to extend their performance becuz 3 minutes isn’t all that satisfying.. maybe im asking for too much.. haha.. i’ll stop. XD

  28. i’m thinking the mv is supposed to show that theyre not all that hott? idk, listening to the song makes me laugh because i would not sing along, for fear of being of narcissist.

  29. thanks!! great video!!! yoobin says ha ji won!!!

    this is probably known by everyone…but how do you add the subtitles to the vid??

    thanks in advance!!

  30. oh yeah thanks for the quick music video with subs! really awesome. also, i forgot to add a few comments:
    really love that they share the chorus (e.g. Sun Mi singing “I’m so pretty” and then So Hee singing “I have charm”), Sun Mi’s skirt and button-down during her shopping scenes, So Hee’s yellow dress, Sun Ye’s orange outfit during her bicycle scene, Ye Eun’s leopard dress, Yoo Bin’s rap and refering all those celebrities

    but I did not like Sun Ye’s black mom pants during the dance scene, rofl.

  31. yeeun looked really cool and funny during the cheerleading parts. they all looked very pretty, especially Sohee and Ye Eun…actually all of them! I hope the song was meant to be humorous, they do kind of look like valley girls loafing around in the music video.

  32. This song didn’t click with me at first but after listening to it numerous times, I actually really like it!
    I love the video. Its concept is just awesome!
    And all the girls look ‘so hot’!
    I have to say that my fave part though is Yoobin’s rap…so awesome!!!

  33. omg
    i love the MV
    its hilarious
    i think the dance is pretty funny too i suspect there will be a so hot dance fever soon!

  34. although i’m super pissed that ye eun got like a line, i’ll look past that because she was the sexiest in the mv!! also very cuteduring the cheerleading parts. i’m just glad they didn’t give her the ugly outfits this time. great song and cute mv! ye eun<3

  35. I really really like the ‘accidental’ falling down of SoHee….so comical….brings a smile to my face when watching it…

    I think the hair stylist shd let some fringe down to cover Ye Eun’s forehead..its so different from her past makeup…

    I also like that the girls are singing at higher pitch…now SoHee’s singing can blend very well in this song…

    What’s left now is the LIVE performance to solidify their makeover….

    Thanks Coolsmurf for the upload….

  36. The song is catchy…but it’s not really something singable in the car like Tell Me or Eebabo was, which makes me sad.

    The music video is what makes the song passable.


    I hope Sunye uses the short hair for the performances. It does things to me that I don’t think I should mention 😮

  37. wow the music video just made the song soooo much better.
    sunmi looks more adorable than hot.
    and is it just me or does sohee look banging?

  38. they’re still cute but did they have to go develop giant egos so soon?!?! JYP has been listening to too much Pussy Cat Dolls. I still hear the 80’s influence in the beat though. Beginning reminds me a bit of “Sweet Dreams” by the Eurhythmics.

  39. I really really like the part where SoHee ‘accidentally’ fall down….soooo comical..bring a smile to my face watching the video.

    One thing though, i feel Ye Eun shd have a little fringe over her forehead….she seems so different in this vid…

    Its kinda good that all the girls are singing at a higher pitch..:) now SoHee’s singing will not be so out of place….

    Now left the LIVE performance to solidify this makeover…

    Thanks Coolsmurf for the upload..

  40. i like it. i m glad JYP didnt turn them into slutty girls like other companies do when they propose a sexy image. no offense to those companies. i cant wait to see them perform this. i still kind of wish they would have a song where they are able to show their true talents instead of just being catchy. sunye s outfit doesnt match with the rest of the girls.

  41. It’s really nice, but I don’t think there is anything sexy about riding a bike o_O Anyways, I wish YooBin could sing in this song D:

  42. Their outfits are pretty nice and the song is definitely catchy. I just wish it would’ve displayed their vocal abilities more (since Sunye can definitely sing). They all sound the same here, except for Yoobin. Nonetheless, looking forward to hearing the new single!

  43. ohmona.. thank you for this.
    the lyrics is so cute and kinda narcissist.
    but hey..they are indeed hot..so its okay.
    so cute…
    i love sun ye’s wig and ye eun’s cheerleader outfit..thanks for the sub XD
    you are fast… XD

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