The Third Project CD Single Album Pre-Release Schedule

Spoke to Kris a couple of days earlier about the confusing dates but she didn’t know either. But she has clarified the dates which make more sense.

16th to 21st May – Release of Wonder Girls Album Concept Images
22nd May – Release of preview track from album
31st May – Show! Music Core Comeback
2nd June – Release of New Album

With little information being released, Korean Wonderfuls has been quick to seize on any little bit of information and then use their imagination to the max. There’s actually talk that their new single is called “Bong Bong” but JYPE has confirmed today through the media that it’s nothing but a hoax.


11 thoughts on “The Third Project CD Single Album Pre-Release Schedule

  1. @Kyo_XI, always take the earliest possible date which is 2nd june in korea. other than korea, the date of release for other places will be delayed by a bit as they get shipped there so it’s expected.

  2. I don’t understand why there are so many release days of the single? in some pages I saw: 2nd June (this page), 5th June (yesasia) and 7th June(a japanese online store) When is the official release date? I’m confusing =S

  3. haha yeah i really thought it was going to be Bong Bong coz i read it from wonderholic & i was like what?! hahah but good thing JYP cleared it up and said that all of it are just hoax hahah!

  4. It’s not ‘Bong Bong’. It was said in WG’s thread in Soompi that a JYPE staff said that the whole ‘Bong Bong’ thing is just a rumor. Out of all names to imagine, why ‘Bong Bong’?

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