So Hee Glamorous Image Concept for Second Album

So Hee is the final Wonder Girl to reveal her image and she is a movie star in a limousine (quite appropriate considering she loves acting) being surrounded by paparazzi photographing her as her bodyguard/manager (?) tries in vain to stop them. So Hee looks every bit like a top movie star with her half-leopard print dress with lace at the bottom, wearing the same leopard pattern high heels as Sun Mi did the day earlier. Probably best of friends with Sun Mi, just like Paris Hilton and Nichole Richie (not a good example, I know). The sunglasses helps her top star image but not for us since it covers most of her face.

So Hee Glamorous Image Concept for Second Album

Just a recap of what has happened so far, JYPE has been pushing a “CAN’T GET ENUFF or MUST HAVE the WONDER GIRLS” campaign.

American football players wanting a piece of Ye Eun
Guys on bicycles chasing after Sun Ye
Guys in trunks wanting a piece of Yoo Bin
Guys at the beck and call of Sun Mi
Paparazzi after So Hee

So with all Wonder Girls images being revealed now, which one is your favourite image of them all? One thing is for sure, the Wonder Girls impending comeback is really coming soon!!! 31st May live performance, mark that down.


23 thoughts on “So Hee Glamorous Image Concept for Second Album

  1. So Hee is so pretty^^ i love her picture =)
    my fav pics are yoo bin & sun mi, they’re both very cute&sexy.

  2. ohh.. May 22nd will be the release of the previews of the single album
    while June 3rd will be the release of the exact single album
    while May 31st will of course the official comeback
    thanks to i.said.hi for clarification

  3. This picture goes to show how small Sohee’s face is. Her sunglasses practically cover her whole face. But she still looks sooo glam and fabulous! I love her dress!

  4. i’ve been waiting forever!
    i cant wait for their comback!!

    i like how JYP released the pictures of the girls one by one, making everyone anticipate!

    i actually love all their pictures!
    i know this single is going to be hot, sexy, and of course the style of clothing, leopard print! haha

  5. smexy yet classy! very nice. if those huge sunglasses don’t cover half of her face, this would’ve been my favorite.

  6. it actually looks great. well i looove yoo bin the most and her picture is cute&sexy. but all of them are greatt!

  7. i forgot to mention., MAY 31., im definitely marking it on my calendar!! 😀 i can’t wait! *kyaaa~!*

  8. wow look at her!! she looks soo cool haha XD gotta love the shades! 🙂 now i can’t wait for the album! ^^

  9. omg the pictures just got better and better. seriously I wasn’t very impress with yeeun and sunye’s pics but from yoobin on…the pictures are just PURE love ❤ Sohee the movie star

  10. WOW OMG~
    this’s so similar to sunmi’s one!
    MISO!! 😀
    both more to the glam side.
    one’s in a car and another on the walk away.
    cant really see much of her face cos of the shades :/

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