Favourite Wonder Girls Image Concept for Second Album

So with all Wonder Girls image being revealed now, which one is your favourite image of them all? My selection would be #3, #4, #1, #5, and #2 in order.

Candidate #1 – American football players wanting a piece of Ye Eun

Sexy Ye Eun

Candidate #2 – Guys on bicycles chasing after Sun Ye

Candidate #3 – Guys in trunks wanting a piece of Yoo Bin

Yoo Bin Smexy Concept

Candidate #4 – Guys at the beck and call of Sun Mi

Sun Mi Concept

Candidate #5 – Paparazzi after So Hee

So Hee Glamorous Image Concept for Second Album


74 thoughts on “Favourite Wonder Girls Image Concept for Second Album

  1. Oh gosh the girls look GORGEOUS!!!
    SunYe looks so cute in that photo, but even though she’s my fav, I have to admit I like YooBin’s the best… the photo of her shocked expression and all the guys reaching out is so awesome…

  2. here mine:

    1. YE EUN-her new sexy image is so hot!

    2. SUNMI-4D looks so sexy, i also like her reaction, clothes and the shopping concept.

    3. YOOBIN

    4. SUNYE

    5. SO HEE

  3. Yoo Bin
    Sun Ye
    Ye Eun
    Sun Mi
    So Hee

    I <3333 Yoo Bin! She’s so freaking gorgeous in that picture! GAHH!

    Sun Ye’s haircut was like Yoo Bin’s old wig during the Tell Me days, but looks better on her.

    I am sorry, but I absolutlely HATE So Hee. I’ve never liked her. Sorry!

  4. basically the order u posted em in
    i wish sun ye were hotter. but ye eun’s pic is pretty hot.
    and yoo bin isnt as hot as she normally is (i just dont really like miso)

  5. me:
    cus sun mi looks like she really does have the “so hot” thing. i mean what normal guy would want to go shopping with a girl unless she was really “so hot”? her outfit, expression, gaze, totally pulled it off.
    wow. yoo bin’s pose is kinda forced for me, but everything else popped. her eyes rocked and all the guys were reaching for her and it exudes “so hot”
    so hee is my favorite, but she did not do as well as 4, and 3, but she did do well. her peeking over the sun glasses made her seem like she was busy so say what you have to say and leave, kind of look. and her dress is so gorgeous. very glamorous.
    ye eun looks “so hot” because all the guys are holding her up like a prize. but i think she takes it a bit far. and also, the dress is kinda hiked up so she’s flashing everyone. lol. that’s not so hot, that’s gross. lol.
    she’s not the worst, but just not very original. plus the guys don’t even look interested in her. but her smile made it worthwhile. i think that she could have done soooo much better.

  6. #1: Ye Eun sets the bar very high and then stays on top in this picture. She definitely rocks this new image concept the best.

    #3: Yoo Bin is always smexy, but especially without a wig.

    #4: Sun Mi shows off her knockout legs really well. Geez, she got tall!

    #2: Sun Ye is gorgeous as usual, but come on, how sexy can bicycles be? And please, leave the wigs in the past! Her current hair style is perfect.

    #5: So Hee looks fine, but this last picture was not as fun as the others. But I’m probably biased since she is my least favorite Wonder Girl.

    I’ll actually be in Korea (30-May thru 7-June) to buy this new album! Perfect timing. Any Wonderfuls want to meet in Seoul?

    Off topic: Anyone else excited for new music from Big Bang, especially YB’s solo? I can’t wait for more WonderBang performances!

  7. sun mi

    yep, that’s my choice. actually kinda tie between sohee and yoobin but my vote goes higher for sohee just because she’s just so glamorous and I love the I’M A STAR concept for her because she’s indeed one

  8. Mine is 3, 4, 1, 2, 5

    Yoobin is definitely my favourite. She pulls off cute and sexy at the same time and looks absolutely gorgeous!

    Sunmi looks so pretty and and her legs make her look uber tall 😀 She looks sophisticated 😀

    Ye Eun was the first one and I reckon her change of image really suits her 😀 She looks really good 😀

    Sun Ye’s hair I actually like but she doesn’t stand out as much 😀

    I am biased in opinion towards So Hee so I won’t say anything 😀 But she is cute

  9. mine is 5,4,3,2,1

    #5 Sohee – she’s all so pretty! i love her expression and everything in that pic!

    #4 Sunmi -she’s really gorgeous in that pic! i love her posture and her expression too…she’s giving off that elegant feeling i dunno why….

    #3 Yoo bin – yoo in looks so sexy yet cute! i love her expression and posture too

    #2 Sunye – she can be really pretty in some pics but in this pic she’s just pretty hehee did i make any sense….her expression is not that fit in their concept

    #1 Ye eun – i love her posture and all but her expression is the problem…she can be really hot if only she did a diff. expression….

  10. i like the change in concept overall. its not too much but its not too little either. All of of them look nice but my favorite goes like this…
    1. SUNMI
    2. YOOBIN
    3. YE EUN
    4. SO HEE
    5. SUN YE
    sunmi looks so pretty and yoobin is pretty& sexy like always. i dont really like sunye’s hair though. im still trying to get used to it…..

  11. I love yoo Bin
    love Ye Eun’s dress
    love Sun Ye’s hair
    love Sun Mi’s face
    love So Hee ‘s glass

  12. in order of hottest to hot. haha

    1. ye eun- hottie w/ a body. seriously. love herrrrrr & im glad she doesnt have the ugly clothes like she did in tell me

    2. yoobin — what can i say she’s so pretty & cute & sexy at the same time

    3. sunmi — i was shocked at how glam she looked

    4. sohee — love her<3. she looks really pretty & cute

    5. sunye – gorgeous . just dont like the outfit that much. i hate how they always make her wear pants. but she’s still cute. oh & NO WIGS!

  13. Wahhhhh!!!

    The hardest selection that I ever had.

    If it possible I will choose all of them to no.1.

    But mine is #3,#1,#2,#4,#5…

    WG Fighting!

  14. mine is,






    I love Yubin pic .. it’s sexy and cute at the same time.

  15. 5 – sohee is adorable in her pic, and i love her expression
    3 – Yoobin is not my fav girl, BUT her expression is just as snotty as sohee, LOVE IT ❤
    1 – Ye Eun’s pose and outfit is just gorgeous and THE SEXIEST, however i’m not feeling her expression…
    2- Sun Ye’s pose is also very sexy, but the expression on her face is just as questionable as ye eun’s
    4 – Sunmi’s so cute and her picture made her legs soo long, but she won the lowest spot because her over all look wasn’t that special, and i like how the other pics zoomed in to see their beauty shots

  16. hmm., mine would probably be: 3,5,4,1,2..
    haha! lol its hard to decide. they all looks sooo stunning~! ^^

  17. omg such a hard decision…
    welll…if i have to …

    i will say Yubin’s was the best, Yubin isnt my favourite in WG but the changing of her style suprised me. She used to dress in a sexy & hot style but now she turns into a adorable/ cute ladyyy! ( it seems like she’s the youngest one in WG now…)

    and I really like Sunmi’s photo toooo!! the photo wasnt really close-up, but i think that really stands her out. I just love her new styleee!!! >____<

    SoHee’s was pretty good too, but the big sunglasses…look so weird on her…. and her dress…. doesnt really suit her that well ..(juts my personal opinion…)

    Lastly,,, YeEun’s sexy style and SunYe’s new style also surprised me, especiallly YeEun’s~ But i will say that Ye Eun’s sexy style… hmmm kinda weird… it doesnt really suit her that well,, i couldnt even recognize her…- -”
    and SunYe’s…hmmm….not too bad but…. the clothes…doesnt look good on her… i hope she doesnt hv to wear them in the comeback stage on may 31st…

  18. Sun Mi’s photo was my favorite, next Yoo Bin. Also, Yoo Bin was wearing the same heels as Soo Hee and Sun Mi. I wouldn’t be suprised if Sun Ye was wearing them too.

  19. well..i think all of them are pretty but i would have to say my number one is SUNMI!!!
    i love that girl, she is soooo very pretty and so very mature for her age and so very gorgeous and her concept if just right for her….
    sunmi,yoobin,sunye,soohee,ye eun
    ye eun looks not bad but not good in her concept (sorry if that offended ye eun fans)

  20. #1 YE EUN!! all the rest are tied except sohee’s is last because her face was hiding and her dress is a bit nightgownish. plus why is her’s way way flashier than the others.

  21. Ye Eun
    Yoo Bin
    So Hee
    Sun Ye
    Sun Mi

    They’re all so pretty but Ye Eun looked especially hot and sexy…Yoo Bin was always hot and sexy so I expected her to look that good. Sun Mi’s really pretty but her concept wasn’t as good as the others.

  22. i think so hee wouldve looked better in sunmis concept :/
    but oh well.
    i really like so hee.
    but sunmi, so hee, yoobin, sun ye, and then yeeun.

  23. I’d go with 3, 5, 4, 1, 2
    Very surprised with Sohee’s since I’m never been a fan of hers, but the whole picture just works.

  24. Sohee’s would be my favorite if it weren’t for those huge sunglasses covering half of her face!

    With that said, in order, my favorites are as the following:

    #1, #3, #4, #5, #2

    Ye Eun’s just looks so gorgeous and sexy.
    Yoobin’s is cute, classy, fun, and sexy.
    Sun Mi’s legs hooked me.
    Sohee’s was just a great setting. It looks so glamorous.
    SunYe’s for me was too plain… but I do like her hair. =D

    But at this moment, Yoobin’s my wallpaper and has been ever since her photo was released

    I hope JYP releases a group picture. =D

  25. 35421

    Yoo Bin is hot with/without makeup
    So Hee- wat can i say adorable
    Sun Mi- those legs…
    Sun Ye- The wig doesn’t cut it but her smile is priceless
    Ye Eun- Looks like a mom to me….but still have sexier legs then Sun Mi, to bad her face in that pic looks bad to me

  26. I’d say…Ye Eun, Sun Mi, Yoo Bin, Sun Ye, and Sohee.

    I usually really like Sohee, but she doesn’t seem to be showing the ‘sexy’ concept very well.
    and ye eun looks so pretty and looks like she’s selling the 2nd album concept well. and sunmi’s just so pretty! yoobin and sunye were okay.

  27. yeeun, sunmi, sunye, yoobin, and soohee

    it would be awesome if JYP release their group pic tomorrow!! XD crosses fingers~*

  28. #4, #3, #5, #2, #1

    sun-mi just owned everyone’s else pictures.
    wasnt too sure about so-hee but she actually pulled it off too.

  29. mine is;
    3,4,2,5,1. i like how sun mi and sohee are
    more like classy like rich pictures. and the 3
    older one got sports lol

  30. 4 sun mi so gorgeous .
    3 yoobin looks hot as always
    1 didnt expect that from ye eun but i love it
    2 sun ye’s wig threw me off but still cute .
    5 wish she didnt have the sunglasses but love her ❤

  31. I like how I fail with numbers :/

    I meant to say #2, #4, #3, #1, #5, which looking back is pretty different than what I wrote previously 😮

  32. i like #1, #5, #2, #4, and #3. Ye Eun looks really beautiful. They all do actually, but I didn’t recognize Yoo Bin when I saw her picture, and also you can’t see one of her eyes ! lol
    thanks for posting up all the great pics i’ve been following everyday

  33. i like how sekaiwa voted ye eun twice 😀

    ye eun’s concept is probably the biggest change
    then sohee and sunmi

    sunye and yoobin didn’t get too drastic of a change.

  34. I don’t think they chose the best outfit, but Sunye looks so cute with that short hair. Way better than her tell me bangs.

    #2, #1, #4, #1, #3.

    Sohee’s cute, but the picture is kind of the same as before.

  35. it comes in a set!!!
    can’t number it ‘coz I LOVE them all!!!!!

    GO, GO, can’t wait for new album…

  36. They’re all so hot!!!

    It’s difficult to rank… but I’m gonna do it anyways! =D

    1-5-3-4-2 ❤

    P.S. I think Yoobin is wearing the same heels as well?? =)

  37. mine is:
    sunye doesn’t really look that sexy though..
    but she is sexy.. it’s just that they chose the wrong
    pic.. guys, did you pre-ordered the single already??
    if not, go go go now!

  38. MY PiCk: #4(SunMi);1(YeEun);5(SoHee);3(YooBin)n 2(SunYe)
    I like SunMI, suits her because she could definitely be a Super Model (Specially w/ those legs).
    YeEun Definitely Placed the bar pretty high when she premier first.
    SoHee, the outfit, Extremely HOT, Yea the lense was covering her mandu face (but i thnk it’s on purpose because that would just make her TOO adorable)
    Yoobin ..Great body..what can i say, but the pose just didn’t stand out for some reason..
    SunYe, sort of disappointed that she didn’t have a better pose. Dig the wig, something new, but her outfit makes her a little old fashion. (Don’t know, please don’t HAte. just my opinion)
    Can’t wait to see what their new single is gonna be…

  39. Sun Mi, Ye Eun, So Hee, Yoobin, Sun Ye…

    Sun Mi really impressed me.. wasn’t sure she could pull it off and she exceeded my expectations. so yeah

  40. wahh such a hard choice! I like Ye Eun because I felt she was the only one really pushing the concept and then I really like Sun Mi’s because she looks so pretty. I think she would be a fantastic actress for real.
    Order – 1,4,3,2,5

  41. mine would be #3,#1,#2,#4#5….
    yoobin look hot in the pic…
    i’m feeling sorry for sunmi though…the leopard prints on others are very obvious, but on sunmi, you have to look real close..and in order to make way for the leopard prints so that it shows, sunmi’s picture isnt close-up like others…

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