Ex-Wonder Girl member, HyunA Comeback News…”Maybe 6th Member?”

Ex-Wonder Girl member, HyunA who left because of health issues got fans excited over the possibilty of her coming back as the 6th member.

Fans asked if HyunA was coming back after seeing the CF for the Cyon B-Boy Championship 2008 promotion on 24th May. They wonder if this was JYP’s plan.

Fans who saw the video clip said, “It’s truly HyunA” and “Maybe she’s being added as the 6th member of Wonder Girls and coming back as the 6th member.” etc, and have shown their interest and hopes for HyunA’s comeback.

With regards to this, HyunA’s management company, JYPE replied, “The person in the CF is HyunA. We hope that HyunA can comeback soon but there are no plans for her currently. The rumors of HyunA being added to Wonder Girls is not true”, “HyunA was picked after Cyon looked at her dancing videos when she was still a Wonder Girl and extended an invitation for her to be in the CF.”

Hyuna was the founding member of the Wonder Girls in their debut days and gained many fans but left because of chronic gastroenteritis.

credits: daum, xsimply juicy


20 thoughts on “Ex-Wonder Girl member, HyunA Comeback News…”Maybe 6th Member?”

  1. i think she shld come back solo. i think 5 wondergirls are the optimum . 6 is one too many

  2. to hyuna: i miss your spark you ‘wild little pony’. please come back to the wg as soon as you can. — we miss you with our hearts out to you. — please come back soon !!! — πŸ™‚

  3. wow!!..I really wish hyunA would join Wonder Girls again so they are a 6 member group. HyunA was always been my favorite!!

  4. OMG., WG with 6 members?? that’d be really cool~! haha.. i wouldn’t mind if hyuna came back.. i mean, i want her to come back!

    now i’ve got crazy thoughts that she might appear with WG on the 31’st! in their live performance!! haha that would be awesome if it were to happen.. πŸ™‚

  5. WHOH! came up with a great idea! they should have like subgroups for WG!! like super junior!

    WG group 1 (appeal to older fans) – sun ye, ye eun, yoo bin
    WG group 2 (appeal to younger fans) – sun mi, soo hee, hyun ah

    it would make sense..

  6. uhm…I love Hyun ah but I prefer Wgs with 5 members
    no no no no,Wgs always have 5 mems,I don’t want the 6th
    (although Hyun Ah is kool)

  7. i read this in daum.i really hoping she’s coming back.there are fans who opt for her comeback like me..^^..:)

    of course, her dancing is a forte and being in the CF is def. a big leap for her.

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