Sun Mi Barbie Doll Image Concept for Second Album

It seems like the sexiness has been toned down noticeably since Ye Eun, in fact probably none. Sun Mi is styled up to be like a rich girl where all the guys (same batch of guys) are falling all over her feet, carrying all her shopping. Sun Mi looks pretty fantasy-like a barbie doll. And just when you think where’s the leopard print? It’s actually on her high heels and her top which has leopard print in a shade of blue. Sun Mi is Sweet 16 but looks really mature in this.

Sun Mi Concept

Just a recap of what has happened so far, JYPE has been pushing a “CAN’T GET ENUFF or MUST HAVE the WONDER GIRLS” campaign.

American football players wanting a piece of Ye Eun
Guys on bicycles chasing after Sun Ye
Guys in trunks wanting a piece of Yoo Bin
Guys at the beck and call of Sun Mi

Four down, So Hee tomorrow, album to be release the day after, comeback performance on 31st May. Are you ready for the Wonder Girls Comeback???


40 thoughts on “Sun Mi Barbie Doll Image Concept for Second Album

  1. oh my goddess O.O Sun Mi’s sooooo gorgeous. she is very pretty =) i luv her <33
    [i can’t wait to see So Hee]

  2. that shot is fantabulous! Sunmi is downright gorgeous! And just when i mentioned how much I missed her without her bangs! She looks more matured without em and that look really fits the new concept! Though Sunmi with bangs is adorable.
    WG all the way<3.

  3. So the first concept is, man are horn dogs. And the second one is man are service. Oh I can’t wait for the last one…

  4. she looks gorgeous….i love the expression on her face. it’s the whole innocent but i’m really not look. oh and i want her legs….:[
    anyways, i like her picture the best out of them all so far. I wonder what sohee’s will be though…

  5. The album’s release date is so soon!!! I can’t wait!!! XD
    And SunMi is definitely someone to be envious of. Those legs are beautiful!

  6. ohmygosh! i so can’t wait any longer! but yesasia STILL hasn’t gotten a preorder option for the album! ARRRGH! ohmygoodness. sunmi is soooo pretty. look at her legs! ohmygosh! ye eun’s picture scared alot of us, but it turns out the other pictures are pretty suhweeet! wonder girls forevahhhhhhhh. ^.^

  7. omg…i just cant wait to see SoHee’s concept photo! >__<
    and their comeback!!! (i still wish that HyunAh will be back with them….)

  8. SunMi is still so cute despite the glamorious setup.

    I have a question though, what are they going to release?
    I’m confused cause I saw album, mini-album, single in other forums/blog.

  9. I AM READY!!! WHO ELSE? 😀 GO GO WG! SOHEE TOMORROW (Korea will go crazy) AND THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
    *turns caps lock of*
    I soooooo wanna see them on stage with leopard etc. 😀

  10. Ooh SunMi’s is lovely ^^
    I wonder what SoHee’s theme going to be… girl in flower shop? kekekek >.<

  11. wahh. yes i am. ok. i can now trust JYP. im glad he didnt make the girls overly sexed-up. i like it. its cute. =) and this girl has awesome long legs!

    i cant wait for their comeback! ^^

    this is scary.. many artists are making a comback.. around the same time.. but i know our WG will make it! ^^

  12. this photos of their comeback has become my favourite photoshoot of them xD
    wish we can see the making!
    i think sunmi’s top looks like the leopard print too… except in blue lol

    seems like sunye is the most covered up again >.<

    aah just a bit more before their next single! i can’t wait!!

  13. sunmi looks super gorgeous there!!

    hmm..the pic kinda reminds me of the series ‘Gossip Girl’ – young girl with a love for branded stuffs..keke

  14. WOW!!!!
    yeah, i’m oh so ready!!!
    i feel this is going to be POWER!!!
    My sun mi looks gorgeous…

  15. why is SUNMI marry me trying to be my imposter? only i can be anonymous…and now im not desparate like you harhar

  16. I LOVE I LOVE I LOVE SUN MI’S PICTURE THUS SO FAR! lol, I said that of Yoobin’s ytd because she’s so hella sexy but when I saw Sun Mi’s picture I’m so stunned. She’s so glamorous and so not 4D Sun Mi that we know of ^^ what’s next for Sohee.can’t we all not wait for that?

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