Pre-orders for Wonder Girls: The Third Project CD Single Album Starts

Since JYPE started releasing pictures of the Wonder Girls new image concept 1-by-1 starting last Friday with Ye Eun and ending with So Hee tomorrow, fans have been anxious about getting their hands on the new album and kept asking about where to place pre-orders for it.

Wonder Girls The Third Project CD Single Album

The cover art you see above is temporary and is by no means the final product. The title “Wonder Girls: The Third Project” is most probably temporary also.

Everything about the new single has been kept under wraps as much as possible with little information being released bit by bit. But what can be confirmed is that the CD single will be released on 3rd June (some Korean sites puts it at 4th what YesAsia puts it at 5th) instead of 22nd May.

And I know many has been confused over whether it’s a single or album, well it’s a single album which will be something like their debut “Irony” single.

For fans residing outside of Korea, your best bet is to pre-order it with which lists it at US 9.99, a savings of 33% off the RRP.

Most would be getting their music via another method, but please, every album sold counts towards their sale figures and it’s important to the Wonder Girls and the people behind it. So please respect music, their work and order a copy.

Their first scheduled live performance on TV is still unchanged on 31st May.


7 thoughts on “Pre-orders for Wonder Girls: The Third Project CD Single Album Starts

  1. ohh.. May 22nd will be the release of the previews of the single album (songs)
    while June 3rd will be the release of the exact single album
    while May 31st will of course the official comeback
    thanks to i.said.hi for clarification

  2. when i start earning money (yeah i dont have a job) i’m gonna take my first bucks and buy this!!!

  3. awww! so, it’s released in june? =( well, at least yesasia’s posted a pre-order option. i’ve been waiting for so long… but since it’s only a single, i think i’m going to wait for the album. it would be cheaper. it’s so expensive to buy korean albums outside korea, so i’m going to wait patiently. the single will be in the album anyway. =)

  4. what the?! now i’m confused too! i dont want their single to be released on june! wah! i want it to be released now! T_T i’ve been cravin’ for their new single and now i read this….huhuhuhu i hope that this is just a misunderstanding….thanks anyway for the info….

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