Yoo Bin Smexy Image Concept for Second Album

Yoo Bin was the third Wonder Girl to be unveiled today and all I can say is “WOW!” And it certainly looks like they are going with the “leopard” print concept as she sports a striped shirt with a leopard print skirt. Her long legs make her really look smexy as she lies on a float in the middle of a swimming pool as everyone wants a piece of her. The picture confirms that she has shoulder-length hair now and will probably not have a stupid wig on.

Simple pose yet looking fabulous!!!

Yoo Bin Smexy Concept

And if you notice, it’s like they are pushing a “CAN’T GET ENUFF or MUST HAVE the WONDER GIRLS” theme for them.

American football players wanting a piece of Ye Eun
Guys on bicycles chasing after Sun Ye
Guys in trunks wanting a piece of Yoo Bin

What’s in store for our Miso Couple?


35 thoughts on “Yoo Bin Smexy Image Concept for Second Album

  1. I like it, but why on earth of fashion would you pair a strip print with an animal print is beyond me.

  2. Yoobin is SO cute but SO sexy at the same time!!! Absolutely gorgeous 😀 My fave Wondergirls pic so far 😀

  3. LOLZ to the man far left!
    the whole world have the same sentiment though,

  4. wootwoooooot~yoobin superfly&supersmexy&rockin’ the leopard print \(^o^)/

    although yeah like other peeps have said,she could be way sexier hahah.kinda expected her to be in shorts lol~but she’s lookin hot in a skirt too

  5. i love her hair! although i don’t know if its the angle or if its the photo-editing but she lost her backside curves here! her legs are loooooong though 🙂

  6. lol @ binocular guy
    and i think yoobin could have been plenty more sexy but it would prob overshadow the others.

  7. Omo, yoobin is gorgeous!!!! *-* i was expecting something more smexier than yeeun, but nevertheless, HOTNESS right there!!!! im not digging the blackandwhite stripe shirt though.. i dont think it goes well w/ the leopard skirt.. :/
    can’t wait to see the Miso couple next! 😀

  8. she looks gorgeousss~

    the picture makes me want her hair. AH! im so excited to see sohee and sunmi. i can’t wait for their new album!!

  9. ohmygoshohmygosh! wahh! yoobin’s so gorgeously pretttyyyyy! the fact that she looks cute here makes it look sexy… o.O y’know? she looks adoraaaable! it didn’t quite meet with my expectations though because ye eun’s was really sexy, and i thought yoobin’s would be overflowing with sexiness. haha! she’s still gorgeous! i love the guy with the binoculars. XD

  10. wOw!!!
    her legs..i want those legs…
    maybe MISO will be chased by school boy?

  11. she looks sexily cute..

    even her shoes are leopard skin.hahah…maybe their theme is out in the wild(?).

  12. yoobin can pull off sexy without even trying! she s so pretty. i cant wait till their single comes out

  13. OMO! She looks sooo sexy right now but she has this really cute face a long with it! Ohh man, she looks insanely hot in that picture.

  14. so gorgeous omg! her hair is beautifulllll. and the guys behind..ahahah binoculars o.O?! yay two more to go! excitementtt

  15. hehe! this is a goood kind of sexy. thank goodness they are not using ajusshiis hehe.
    i cant wait for miso couple! ^^

  16. I have a feeling also that there is a sports theme going on as well? Football. Biking. Swimming. ? Maybe, something to think about. Maybe MiSo have something to do with sports. Volleyball, Tennis, gymnastics, soccer? Lots of possibilities.

  17. Whoa! I love Yoobin’s picture so far of now. Can’t wait for Miso though…hard to imagine them doing the sexy concept. So relieve not to spot any ugly wig on Yoobin this time round. Sunye’s wig ok but I hope they will not enforce a WIG for their upcoming album promo

  18. omg yay finally ! she loooks so pretty !
    i like her hair. her eyes are really pretty
    too. i have a feeling tomorrow is going
    to be sun mi !

  19. FIRST! Wow! YooBin is so sexy!~ I love this image. I think the leopard thing is still going on. But she has like a cute sexy going on.

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