Sun Ye @ 2008 Cyon B-Boy Championship 080518

HQ quality pictures of Sun Ye only performing at the Jeonju B-Boy Championships on 18th May taken by RADER’s Sweet Studio. Click for bigger pictures. It’s great if you are a Sun Ye lover like me because it’s well-taken.

Credit: as tagged


17 thoughts on “Sun Ye @ 2008 Cyon B-Boy Championship 080518

  1. no doubt, she is so beautiful from head to bottom…

    i love you min sun ye…

    i hope someday, wonder girls will be here in the philippines.

  2. sUn-yE. . ! wOw wahat a girl. . ! uRe my inspiration. . i admire you most. . il be here 4 u always i will support you. .im your huge fAn from philippines. . !

  3. SunYe is so pretty in all of those pictures ^^ she’s my fav Wonder girl of them all xDD i really love her hair wish she kept her long hair but now she has short hair,but i really like her short hair also xDD

    SunYe hwaiting!
    Wonder Girls hwaiting!
    SarangHaeYo wonder girls and SunYe! <333 :3

  4. damn shes sure is gorg,and i second what srainy said hahah..girl crush alert on the sunbin couple~shes as hot as yoobin yo

    LOL@ the first 2 pics..super cute&lookin so JOOKIE ;D

  5. aah i have some serious girl crush on her lol xD
    she’s gorgeous!
    she just gets prettier everytime you see her!

    … she seems to be wearing those earrings pretty often lately, doesnt she?

  6. charisma and star power reeking out of everywhere…
    out of all the girl groups, female entertainers she definitely stands out… awww that smile, too beautiful..

  7. Oh!!!!!! I love this pic set
    Seonye is so cute , very lovely
    Thank you!!!!!
    thanks for post
    thanks for take her nice photo ^^~

  8. i love the pic of her looking down like she’s sleeping.. hehe..
    dang.. i love the color of her jacket!!*-*

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