HyunA appears in 2008 Cyon B-Boy Championship CF

The following are screens from a recent Cyon B-Boy Championship CF where HyunA appears briefly and you would have blinked if you didn’t notice clearly.

Doesn’t she look like a perfect fit for the Wonder Girls new sexy image concept?

16 thoughts on “HyunA appears in 2008 Cyon B-Boy Championship CF

  1. now we know that this CF is already planned before hand..
    but i would love to have hyun ah as a solo artist..and collab with WG.. XD

  2. yuppii hyun a is back!! she is so beautiful^^ i hope she will comeback to WG!

    ultranguik: she will be 16 in june 6.

  3. oh no, she looks like 30+!!!

    is she like… 16 or sumthin?
    its sexy but different from WG’s new concept,
    and im not lovin it

  4. wuah! my hyuna grew up a lot..she’s like the hot mamma.

    the ‘korean version’ of cleopatra by Beyonce in Austin

    Powers. the beginning was HOT!~~ hope she will be


  5. WHOAAA! COOLIO! love it. she looks older, but i definitely wouldn’t have noticed it was her in that video. it was so fast, but good for her! and dude… i definitely have no problem having 6 girls in Wonder Girls. I mean, c’mon… SNSD has 9!

  6. it would be really cool if she went back.! now we have 6 WGs!! haha she looks as gorgeous as ever ^^

  7. i wish JYP will give us a SURPRISE…..
    that Hyun Ah will be in the comeback with WG!!!!!!!
    i’ll be soooo happpy if it really happens

  8. i posted on soompi, is it ok?
    i know i should ask before i posted it
    but hope u dont mind

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