Disorder at SNU College Festival during Wonder Girls performance 080515

The Wonder Girls appeared on 15th May at Seoul National University for their College festival but chaos erupted in the midst of their performance with lots of jostling going around. The Wonder Girls had been invited to the campus to perform for the students with a temporary stage erected.

Over 4000 people crowded the stage which included a mixture of university students, middle school students and some citizens.

News coverage on Disorder at SNU College Festival 080516
From the news clip, you can see that things got out of control with all the pushing and the carnage left behind in the aftermath. Some unfortunate students fell in the process and incurred bruises.

Eye-witness report by i_like_mashimaro from soompi

yesterday, i went to wonder girls performance at Seoul National University. that was my 1st time to go to wonder girls concert.

iwe sat in front of the stage… at that time i feel soo lucky to get chance to meet wonder girls,
and we wait for them until 9pm.

Actually,everything is going smooth and under controlled.but just a few seconds before wonder girls come out, everyone is going crazy,i think.suddenly people at the back and side running and pushing us to front until we dont even have time to take our books on the ground. i was stuck in the wave of crazy people,(but at the same time i can see clearly ye eun,sun mi,and so hee’s face which is 2m from me. ^^)

but unfortunately to me,someone stepped on my foot and pushed me until fell to the ground.my legs was step on by a few people,and of couse i was crying very hard asking for help. the only one thing that i could do at that time is praying to God to save me,and luckily people around me screaming” saram isseo!” to stop the others from stepping on me.

Wonder girls singing non stop to finish their performance quickly,maybe cuz they could see lots of people collapsed on the ground. they sang 3 songs,but i can only remember two,Irony & Tell Me.
As soon as they finished,i was brought to the hospital by emergency’s staff. In the emergency van,the was a French man waiting to be brought to the hospital too.his condition was worse than me,his leg was broke,and something happened to his hand’s too.Thanks God,my legs are still ok till now and only got bruise on the knee.i have to use crutches for a week and that will be a good experience too ,^^;;

I am pretty sure if happened because of poor stage setting, lousy barricades and simply too much people overcrowding the small area.

This also means one thing, Wonder Girls are helluva popular in Korea still.


7 thoughts on “Disorder at SNU College Festival during Wonder Girls performance 080515

  1. “This also means one thing, Wonder Girls are helluva popular in Korea still.”

    harsh. People get trampled and seriously hurt, and that’s all you have to say?

  2. ohmygoodness. i thought it was funny at first because people were crazy and looked like they were in a wave, and people just ended up leaving their stuff, but once i read i_like_mashimaro’s thing i thought, “WHOA”. that’s really crazy. it’s not wonder girls fault though. i don’t even blame the people that much except they should know when to stop when people are getting hurt. SNU should know better to make the concert place bug enough and more organized.

  3. wow!! look at that crowd.. its crazy. haha o_O
    i wonder what was in the minds of WG’s while they were performing., scarry.. -_- but anyway, im glad i_like_mashimaro is ok. ^^ WG’s rock~!

  4. ohmygoodness..
    that is sad.
    but it also goes to show the popularity of the girls.
    thanks for the news coolsmurf.. XD

  5. Omg, the people in the crowd looked like the were moving like ocean waves. That is insane. I’m glad that WG is still loved but people need to watch out! It’s so crowded there.

  6. still!!
    even with possible chaos like this in future performances…no one’s gonna miss their performance to avoid the chaos LOL!
    WG’s Hawttt!~

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