Ye Eun Sexy Image Concept for Second Album

Wonder Girls who created a “Tell Me” storm in 2007 has started their pre-album promotion by releasing images of their new sexy concept starting this morning.

Sexy Ye Eun

Wonder Girls will be making their comeback soon and ahead of their album release, their official website posted the new sexy concept that Wonder Girls would be taking on for their new album with Park Ye Eun being unveiled first.

She is seen wearing a leopard print tight dress with red leggings and heels, being held up by American football players. Compared to their previous “Tell Me” retro image, she looks more sexy and mature and leaves a deep impression.

According to JYP Entertainment, “Our company hopes that Wonder Girls can bring out their sexy charisma for this new album and replace their previous cute image that one usually associate them with. The members have just ended their Thailand promotion not long ago and is now working hard for their comeback in Korea. Their newest comeback date is set for late May.”

Radical change but it’s expected. Anyway, pictures of other members will be released simultaneously culminating in album release on 22nd May.

So just stayed tuned!


49 thoughts on “Ye Eun Sexy Image Concept for Second Album

  1. WooW

    looking forward for all of their pics&songs…
    they’re all pretty, my role model…

    release the new album quickly and come back for big concert in THAILAND, PLEASE…!! woo hooh….

  2. WHOA WHOA WHOA. ye eun looking SEXXXAYY! but man… really now? i mean it’s great that people are giving good feedback with this, but SEXY IMAGE? aw, c’mon. let’s not conform to the sexy image. they tried “sexy” in irony, and you can see it didn’t work as well as being “cute” in tell me and eebabo. WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO WITH MISO? i don’t like this change. i mean it’s cool… but… i don’t want to see KOREA’S LITTLE SISTERS AS SEXY! it doesn’t sound right… and it’s too soon to go on that direction in my opinion. PEOPLE LIKED THE WONDER GIRLS BECAUSE THEY HAD A QUIRKY, RETRO STYLE… they gave something different… and now the sexy image… T.T

    *sigh* the only one i’m really forward to is yoobin’s…

  3. Oh wait, SunYe also has short hair just like the short wig that YuBin had on at the beginning of Tell Me.

  4. JYPE just released another picture, this time it’s our pretty leader SunYe. Just like YeEun, she also got leopard print but for her jacket.

  5. frankly speaking…
    i’m worried about sunmi & sohee :/
    & i dont wish for them to become THAT sexy (my opinion)
    i’d prefer them to stay at the semi-sexy-cute type.
    it just seems very wrong.
    of course, it gives guys the wrong ideas also :S
    ahhh, what’s gonna happen to the miso!! T_T

  6. holy crap!! i didnt realise its ye eun!
    omona,… she so damn sexy!
    ye eun looks better with colored hair
    and the pic looks cool to,
    cant wait to see yoobin

  7. wow
    daymnn i wana see YOOOOOOOOOBIN!!<333
    bet sunye’s goin to be hot too

    hope jyp’s tasteful enough to tell the diff between sexy/slutty though

  8. Thank you coolsmurf for clarifying :] I don’t see the album on yesasia though.. Guess it’s not available for preorder? Don’t even know what the name of it will be >< Ah wells, thanks again :]

  9. they are preparing to release the album on 22nd may so that they can up the charts in starting from June.

  10. WOW WOW WOW,
    My fave wonder girl!!!!!!
    Ye Eun looks smokin’ HOT
    but i have to say… Sun Mi and So Hee, little bit worried,
    it would be very akward, and kinda illegal too lol
    I still don’t know if I want this happen, the sexy way is gonna bring some troubles, but at the same time I look at Ye Eun and again WOWW!!!!
    so Im kinda confused

  11. omg i didnt even know that was Ye Eun!
    im so excited to see all the members piks!
    yoobin always had been very smhexy but
    i cant waitt to see hers !

  12. U know what I didn’t know it was her in the pic until I read the news and then I stared and I was O M G !!!!
    She is so pretty like this, they did a relooking after coming back from BKK LOL

  13. wow she looks really good there. sohee and sunmi are way too young to go sexy. yoobin has always been sexy lol. sunye can pull it off too. we ll just have to wait and see because i really dont want them to end up like other artists who have gone the sexy route that didnt get anywhere with it. i sure hope its tasteful and not forced

  14. OMG!! slightly worried…
    So Hee and Sun Mi???
    I know JYP has this thing about revolutionizing the
    way sex is perceived in Korea, but they all too young..
    I gotta admit that shes very sexy and bangin’, but
    hope it stops there.. So the album drops in May???

  15. I’ve heard the album will be released then. And I’ve heard the single will be released then [May 22nd] Which is it?! ><

  16. omo!
    park oppa!!!
    their touching her thighs!!!
    i was not prepared for this!
    can’t wait for the rest!

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  18. that yeeun?
    cant wait for the others but hope MISO wont dress to sexy..
    they’re still young…

  19. OMG, YE EUN SEXY MOMMA! Look at those legs. O____O

    I almost died, seriously.

    She looks absolutely gorgeous. Those football players must be having a ball. But like others, I really don’t want to see Sunmi or Sohee in something like that…

    ye eun looks so hot!
    omg cant wait how the others will look like ^^

    i’m pretty sure if the song is catchy like tell me, the song would still conquer the whole nation… i mean jewelry’s one more time concept wasnt so cute, was it? they dressed sexy too~

  21. and also, i really believe wonder girls will pull off the sexy image VERY tastefully and not too over-the-top for their ages.. they are, in the end, artists, and artists are perceived equally in the industry despite age (i think thats what JYP said that somewhere i forgot)

  22. haha yeah JYP always tends to make his artists go for the “sexy” look… but in actuality he’s just VERY VERY American style since he spends a lot of time in the states and remember he mite also want to have WG debut in the states.. so this is totally understandable. ppl in the states don’t really go for the “cute” image for singers, ever, even if they’re young (i mean look at hannah montana)

    however, in korea i dont think their “sexy” image will reach to all ages/people like “tell me” did. but it is getting somewhat more liberal lately..

    anyways whatever omg, yeeun looks sooooo hot 🙂

  23. A girl group has to go through the sexy concept at least once right?

    Anyways can’t wait for Yoobin’s picture xD

  24. this is just ridiculous!!! why would they abandon the title of Korean little sisters seeing yoobin, ye-eun and sun-ye going sexy would be okay but sun-mi and soohe fklkajdksda they’re still illegal… what is JYP thinking!!!

  25. I played football too… but we never got to do anything like that =(
    I’d love to see the behind the scenes of this photoshoot

  26. wow… really like the photo!!!

    that said, what is that weird contraption with marshmallows glued inside? o.O

  27. she looks good but…isnt this a llittle risque i mean…sohee and sunmi arre still young but i thnk yobin will def pull this of and sunye

  28. lol, those aren’t long red boots.

    They’re just leggings and heels.

    She looks stunning.

  29. I don’t care of it’s sexy, just in case it’s TASTEFUL. Omg, Ye Eun looks so BANGIN’ in that picture. I’m so excited for their comeback now, it’s killing me! I hope it’s a great success.

  30. kinda shocked with the new image even though it should have been expected…
    …nevertheless, can’t wait for the new album…
    And Ye Eun looks good albeit provocative…

  31. when you say how sexy they can be, i kept thinking of JYP last album and you know what i mean….and somemore he is producing the album…

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