Yoo Bin at Myongji University’s 60th Year Anniversary Commemoration

Yoo Bin of Wonder Girls, U-Know Yunho and Xiah Junsu of DBSK and Sung Min of Super Junior were nominated this morning as university ambassadors in conjunction with Myongji University 60th Anniversary. New album hairstyle?

Smexy Yoo Bin

All four are currently students of Myongji University and received a plaque.


31 thoughts on “Yoo Bin at Myongji University’s 60th Year Anniversary Commemoration

  1. sungmin…
    i want to study to myongji university with you!!

  2. both my favorite: Yoobin and Sungmin
    that pic is definitely will be on my desktop 😀
    Yoobin i love you~~

  3. OMG???so that cute girl beside sungmin is YOOBIN???huh???
    i just got into WG virus but before this i really want to know who is she…even now i know her,i dunno that girl is yoobin??crazy me!!!!

  4. in pic no.7 yoobin looks exactly like hyori omg~the angle of her head pose n that hyori-ish smile 😀 so cute haha

  5. really liking what shes wearing…
    clean cut… the material looks chic!
    high class educated wonder girl..

    lol, none of them look entertained…
    that sungmin guy can’t stop posing tho…lol…cute

  6. wow. she looks so classy. ^.^ but i agree with hectev2000. she doesn’t look like she’s having alot of fun. =/ anyway… WHOOAAA! i didn’t know those boys go to the same university as yoobin! how exciting. what is yoobin taking?

  7. yoobin is really cute, i like how she has puffy cheeks and can still be the “sexy” one of the group!

  8. So she is from this university along with Sungmin, Junsu and Yunho? or did she just promote for this college? I think you have to be in the school in order to promote it right, haha to make sense…anyway, that is so hot. Yoobin’s so hot and can’t wait for their single. around a month to go. new concept! I’m so loving the girls’ healthy and cheery images now

  9. honestly, when i saw the second pic at the other sites i mistook her for hyori or boa, i don’t know why.
    the fifth and the sixth picture showed 2 different aura, pure innocence and stunning smexiness!
    come to think she barely had any make up on.
    in her close up picture, she looked like a choding!

  10. 😀 That one pic of her made me laugh 😀 (You know which one :D) She looks so short in comparison to the others! o.0!
    She looks grrrreat!! 😀

    So we gonna see her more offen because of “promotional things” for the university? 😀

    And I think recently Sunye (With her new haircut) looks like Lee Hyori! Hot~

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