Wonder Girls @ PEN-PLUEM Thai TV Program 080512

It’s near impossible for me to upload pictures anymore because there’s too MANY of them, they are so nice to upload so many pictures in high resolution. Thus, just directing you to the sites that has the pictures.

Here’s Pingbook Coverage of the Event (61 Pictures)

Credit: PINGBOOK as tagged


10 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ PEN-PLUEM Thai TV Program 080512

  1. omg totally AGREE i did a double take and was like why is there 2 sunmis! yoobin and sunye looks alike too, infact when they’re all heavily made up, only sohee is distinctable because she pulls her hair back up.

    sohee is so pretty in her solo pic!

  2. cute expressions as usual.
    but eew outfits! i don’t really like the colors. or the mixed prints.

  3. LoL! I watched this yesterday’s morning and it was very enjoyable. They opened the show with “Tell Me” performance then a little talk session after that. About their favorite food, reveal stuff what they like about other members in the group, their schedule and ideal type of guys. SunMi was shy and dorky again lol. (She likes sexy guy omo >.< ) They were really cute and smiley on the show.

  4. i thought yeeun looked like sunmi in the group pic!

    sunye’s looking pretty as always ^^
    though these days she’s looking a little tired and washed out @_@
    maybe it’s make up?

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