Wonder Girls Interview with Pingbook.com

Interview done by Wonder Girls for Pingbook.com. Translated by ipachiy.

Your feelings about Thailand?

Sun Ye: We told our company that we want to come to Thailand. Because of our busy schedule in Korea and also two members who had school and couldn’t miss classes at all, we didn’t have any time to visit Thailand. But we’re so glad and impressed to be here today. But when we were on the stage, we were a bit nervous. But we wanted to do the best as much as we can possible.

Before you come here, did you research about Thailand?

Sun Ye: When we knew that we have to come here, it’s Sun Mi who tried to know the Thai language…how to greet people in Thai
So Hee: Sun Mi, try saying something
Sun Mi: TEN DUAI KAN NA KA [let’s dance together]
Wonder Girls: LOL
Ye Eun: I really love Thai movies especially, TWIN and SHUTTER (both are mystery movies)

Many girl groups debuted at the same time as you, what’s your charm?

Sun Ye: We heard this question often when we debuted. When we debuted, all of us were very young and still in high school. Many people were interested because our fans treat us like their elder sisters. Everyone calls us “Korea’s Little Sisters” and that’s probably our charm.

Tell us about your nicknames

Ye Eun: My nickname is “Madame Park”. I’m a bit confused since Thai fans know about this (Park Yo sa). “Yosa” means madame…maybe it’s because of my personality.

Yoo Bin: My nickname is YOOBIN YONG. it comes from YOOBIN HYUNG (Hyung-elder brother). My voice is very deep and sounds like an adult and I’m also rapper so everyone sees me as an elder brother.

Sun Ye: Min Jookie. In Korean cartoon series, there’s this little dog who is named ‘JUKI’. (face resemblance)

So Hee: hmm…LOL MANDOO since everyone wants to touch my cheek.

Sun Mi: I……..hmm sorry sorry (LOL a bit excited)

Ye Eun: The nickname of Sun Mi is STAR DEER because her eyes are so cute, Sun Mi seems to be a a bit shy.

What do you like in Thailand?

Yoo Bin: We arrived last night and Thailand has impressed us. I heard that Thailand is beautiful so I wanted to come and now we’re here. I’m really happy because Thailand is beautiful, the designs and colors of the bulidings. They are not like Korea especially the color of the taxis are like sweets, pink, green, yellow, orange all sort of colors!

Ye Eun: PHAT THAI is very delicious

Sun Ye: Opposite Dusit hotel where we stay, there’s Lumpini Park and it’s so beautiful. Thailand is beautiful more than I have ever thought.


15 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Interview with Pingbook.com

  1. ye eun ;;; so charming
    so hee;;; so cute
    sun mi;;;so beautiful/arumdaun
    sun ye ;;; such a good voice
    yu bin;;; good in rapping

    ur all hottt!!

  2. but i like sun ye too ..!!! she’s only 1 she got the most good voice of all the wonder girls so hee is so cute !;; ur all hot yu bin ur good in rapping… sun mi saranghae …,annyong.

  3. oMg…….Sun mi is so cute,,,,,star deer is a pretty cute nickname!!!!!! i just cant stop my obession towards her….

  4. haha ye eun and food :p she’s so funny and real. i love her and sunmi’s answers best in interviews. the shutter is also my favorite thai movie!!

  5. wow. it’s been so long since i’ve seen them in tell me clothes. it’s really weird, especially since they have new looks. i think it’s especially weird wit ye eun’s new hair. and because sun mi’s grown taller, i also think she’s gotten skinnier, hasn’t she? so hee also seems to be losing her baby fat cheeks here. OH NO! what would happen to sohee without her mandoo cheeks?!?!

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  7. hectev2000 i think WG’s manager realizes their popularity here, that the fans who have no problem finding their hotel, being told or not.

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