Wonder Girls are in Thailand now

Pictures of the Wonder Girls arrival at Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Thailand last night. Yoobin looks so smexy ^.^ and all of them looks quite jovial.

Good luck to them in their packed 3-day schedule. Stay healthy.

Credit: PINGBOOK as tagged

Thai Wonderfuls


16 thoughts on “Wonder Girls are in Thailand now

  1. wahhh, they look good! i like so hee’s outfit — hip hop. sun mi look soo cute. yoo bin is sexy, ye eun and sun ye looks hot.

  2. sunmi is a tower!
    yah! they’re tired but beautiful!
    amazing skin!
    amazing LEGS my YOOBIN!!!!

  3. Waah Yoobin 😀
    There is no sign with sunmi saying on it!!! 😦 Perhaps it was just not on the pic…
    Sunmi sure is tall xD

  4. Sun-Min ……that girl gonna be one tall girl with longest leg
    Yoobin …………….she looks good love her style here
    Others looking very plain (in a good way)

  5. sohee’s really cute in those pics! and i love the thailand fans! thank u guys for coming to greet WG!

    coolsmurf, i hope u get this chance someday too!

  6. i like how they arrange themselves so that the two tallest are at the sides and sunye, being the shortest in the middle.. ❤ im loving the casual look!!!
    sunmi looks absolutely gorgeous!!!

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