Wonder Girls to spread Tell Me mania to Thailand

The Wonder Girls will be leaving for Bangkok, Thailand this afternoon (9th May) via Incheon Airport and start their five day promotional tour. Whilst they are over there, they will be kept busy with live performances, fan meetings, etc before returning to Korea in the early hours of 13th May.

Wonder Girls in Thailand next

Despite the fact that the Wonder Girls had never performed in Thailand before, their popularity was not to be denied thanks to the strong sales of their single and album. Their single was released in Thailand last July and after one month, their song “Irony” shot up the MTV Thailand charts and was hugely popular with fans. “Tell Me” already occupied a top 10 position in the charts before their album release in Thailand. Two week after it was released, it took No.1.

The Wonder Girls gave their thoughts on their impending Thailand trip, “We really got a shock after seeing our fans doing the Irony and Tell Me dance because it was almost like seeing the real Wonder Girls in action”, “We hope to quickly see our overseas fans who have been waiting for us”.

This Saturday 10th May, the Wonder Girls will meet their Thai fans to let them sense the cuteness and their skills in the “Modern Nine Live Wonder Show with Wonder Girls” at Siam Paragon. The Wonderful fans should not miss this event! (Special thanks to RugbyCaps)

After ending their Thailand trip, the Wonder Girls will start officially to get themselves involved with the production of their album for their June comeback.


6 thoughts on “Wonder Girls to spread Tell Me mania to Thailand

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  2. excited for their fans in thailand and the girls… Have fun guys and come back soon…

    (lol, i always talk to them through blogs as if they actually read it.. do you girls?? lol )

  3. Staffs of Wonder Girls Thailand will be covering everything from their arrival to the last day ^^

    PS. feel so bad for those fans who didn’t get tickets or make the list for the concert (10th) and fan signing event (11th) T.T

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