Wonder Girls Thailand Promotion Schedule 9 – 12 May

In addition to what was written earlier about their Thai schedule, this is the latest and final confirmed list provided by Joy from Wonder Girls Thailand.

Wonder Girls Schedule: Thailand Promo Trip 9-12 MAY 2008

21:10 : Arrive in Thailand,flight KE 651 gate 4 on the 1st floor

10 MAY
17.00-19.00 : Modern9 live “Wonder show with Wonder Girls” at Paragon

11 MAY
15.45-16.00 : 07 Show Live at JSL Studio @ LARDPROL
17.00-18.00 : Wonderful Meet Wonder Girls Atrium2 Fan Meeting @ Siam center
17.00 : Meet and Greet @ Red Mango Shop @ Siam Center (a bit of a clash)

12 MAY
14.00-15.00 – “Digital TV on Moblie” press conference, Tell me Show at SIAM DISCOVERY (Free entrance)
16.00-17.30 : TV Program Record “PemPlurm”, Channel 9 MCOT
19.00-20.00 : Live Interview with Channel[V] V Play Zone By Fanta Ch v Studio
22.45 : Leaving for Korea flight KE652

Credit to RugbyCaps for translation

Most of their public performances, etc are held in the late afternoon leaving the rest of their time to do interviews, photoshoots, etc. They will leave Bangkok at close to midnight on 12th May and be back in Korea on 13th May.

Safe trip and hope that the Wonder Girls would have a great time in Thailand. Good luck to all Wonderfuls that are going to see them in Bangkok!!!


3 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Thailand Promotion Schedule 9 – 12 May

  1. Pictures of Wonder Girls arrival in Thailand is now available at wondergirlsthailand.com ^^

    Our plans was to say some welcoming to WG but was ruined by some people who were not with us. They crowded in around them so we couldn’t get better pictures like it was planned out.

    Our banners was spotted by them, YeEun was pointing, YuBin was blinking, and SunYe was smiling. As described by fans, SunMi was very tall and skinny and they all were really nice.

  2. Im glad that they’re coming to Thailand but boy whoever arranged that schedule for the girls must be mad.
    Only an hour apart from event to another O_O

    Thailand is known for having the worst traffic in the world jeez. I want their first trip to be wonderful not restless and disappointing for fans.

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