Sun Mi and So Hee have grown taller

Wonder Girls broke their five month long hiatus as they performed in front of fans again on 3rd May at the ETN “Yedang Online” Concert

Wonder Girls on stage once again in 2008

Wonder Girls new-look image on stage after a long hiatus has attracted lots of attention once again. Wonder Girls who had conquered all in its path to become the best female group in 2007 with “Tell Me” had halted their group activities in January this year to take a rest and recharge their batteries for the new year.

And compared to last year when they performed “Tell Me”, there were obvious change to some Wonder Girls members appearance-wise.

According to sources, “So Hee and Sun Mi who are attending high school this year have grown noticeably taller. Both are at least 4, 5 centimetres taller.” Specially pointing out that Sun Mi is now officially the tallest member.

Wonder Girls performed “Tell Me” and their debut single “Irony” on that day and held their fans spell-bound again with their energetic performances.


12 thoughts on “Sun Mi and So Hee have grown taller

  1. To JJJJJJesse:

    Yoobin came from cali methinks, so she should be pretty fluent in English, Ye-eun has some pretty good pronounciation abilities, but the others are pretty much the typical korean Engrish speakers, albeit slightly better I think since JYP is REALLY pushing the English lessons and English mastery onto them cause they’re planning on pursuing a career in the US and EVERONE knows that you won’t make it if you haven’t mastered English 😛

  2. wow. it makes me happy that wonder girls are growing as artists and even into young women!! ^.^ i can’t believe sun mi’s the tallest now! goodness! she DOES have the longest legs in my opinion, anyway! isn’t yoobin the shortest or something?

  3. i wonder if hyuna’s gorwing as well
    all 3 92ers were 163-164 when they first debuted

    cant wait hyuna to come back haha

  4. gah, then sun mi must be underweight now. and now that the two maknae shoot, sunye looked like the youngest one now with her petite build[:

  5. yes, it’s true that they have grown taller.the two younger
    ones.sun mi is 164cm when they first debuted.i think she’s easily 167-8cm and so hee probably 166-7cm.scary how sunmi grow upwards.she needs to eat more.her waistline is only 21cm.scary~

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