Wonder Girls confirmed @ 2008 Dream Concert

After pulling out of the 2008 Peace Concert and Hollywood Bowl in America because of scheduling conflicts, the Wonder Girls are confirmed to be one of the performers in the upcoming star-studded Dream Concert in Korea and this coincides with their comeback single in June. So it’s a definite.

Wonder Girls @ 2008 Dream Concert

What: 2008 Dream Concert
Where: Jamsil Auxiliary Stadium
When: 7th June 2008 @ 7:00PM onwards
Audience: 50,000 approx
Organizers: Korea Entertainment Producers’ Association + SBS
Sponsors: Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea Tourism Organization

Event will be shown live over SBS Channel and cable tv. Pandora.tv will be the back-up suppport and provide clips on its video sharing website.

Seating Arrangement + Allocation (subjected to changes)
Noticeable improvement for the Wonder Girls since they were only allocated 600 seats last year. But that was before “Tell Me” mania erupted.

2008 Dream Concert Seating Arrangement

List of Performers (Credit ❤ Jena@soompi)
DBSK (uhh…DUH!)
blue is suju
the other blue is maya
black next to blue is shyne
the black next to black is behchigih & boo gah kings
lime is SS501
tiny black is mc mong
light blue is paran
gray is typhoon
reddish burgandy is Wonder Girls (third most seats for the concert)
hot pinkish red is snsd
black is epik high
sky blue is jewelry
rest are neutrals

These are the only information released thus far that’s understandable.


12 thoughts on “Wonder Girls confirmed @ 2008 Dream Concert

  1. are the wonder girls goint to be in la mirada??? I wish i could be at one of their concerts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

  2. wahh. i would love to go to a KOrean Concert. i cant believe its all sectioned off like that. like a sports event or something. even better. ive only been to college football where its sectioned off like that.. and it was fun.

    i wish i can beee there! ahh. ^^

  3. Yeah, I think it’s fanmade because you can’t find it on the Dream Concert website. Even though I know the girls are popular as hell, I just thought it was odd that they had more seating than SS501’s which would have been really sad. Haha

  4. Those are NOT the official seating arrangements. This was fan made so you’re WRONG. They haven’t even released the seating arrangements yet.

  5. whose Maya? They have the most seats even more then DBSK =o?
    lol or is it not even seats?

  6. DBSK is HUGE LOL~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    wow placing SNSD fans inbetween jewelery and WG.. esp WG, how creepy.

    go wg!

  7. yay ! new performance of wonder girls with new single hopefully ?!
    that would be bombing !!! XD

  8. ^true! xD DBSK overrolls everyone… but Wonderfuls are third most, that’s grrrreat! 😀
    Btw, that pic of the dream concert where they are all on, sunmi said that she dislikes it, cause she looks so “stupid” on it. I think sunmi looks cute! 😀

    The time (7pm korean) is so stupid o.0 It’s some o’clock in the morning and so I can’t watch it live!!!!!!!! GRRRRRR >.<

  9. Combining every artists seats excluding SJ and still isn’t as big as DBSK’s lol..

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