Sun Mi celebrates her 17th Birthday with fans

Sun Mi of the Wonder Girls ushered in her 17th birthday (+1 for Korean age) on 2nd May and had a happy time celebrating it with fans from her fan cafe the following day. It was the second time they did this for Sun Mi since their debut.

Sun Mi 17th Birthday Party by fans

This party was really meaningful as it was prepared by 60+ fans who had put aside their busy school life, making Sun Mi feel touched by their actions.

Some male fans especially for “4-Dimensional” Sun Mi, took to wearing special animal costumes like tiger, cow, etc to entertain Sun Mi, making the party atmosphere a joyous one for all. Three nunas (older than Sun Mi) came specially all the way from Gunsan to celebrate Sun Mi’s birthday with her, bringing with them pastries to congratulate her on her birthday.

A JYP staff said, “Sun Mi fans came to the office three days ago saying that they wanted to organise a big-scale party for her. Although we were worried about whether it would cause a ruckus, her fans were really meticulous with the planning, and thus the result was good for all.”

Her fans also prepared a video tribute for Sun Mi making her feel touched again. Sun Mi said, “This video (by fans) will become my source of energy for upcoming performances.”, “Very thankful to all my fans for celebrating my birthday with me.”, “I will do my best to become a better singer to repay all the love that you all have shown and given me.”, showing her gratitude.

Wonder Girls are now busy recording their new single and have been busy occupying themselves with CF filming and performances. They will also head off to Thailand next weekend from 9 – 12 May for a promotional tour.


6 thoughts on “Sun Mi celebrates her 17th Birthday with fans

  1. Oh dang~!
    That was so cool of the fans!
    I’m glad JYP allowed them to prepare this party for her. [x

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