Wonder Girls @ 2008 Yedang Online Power Concert 080503

Pictures just in of the Wonder Girls performing at the 2008 Yedang Online Power Concert which was covered by the media today so lots of pictures then.

Credit as tagged in pictures.


14 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ 2008 Yedang Online Power Concert 080503

  1. ok… i’m not saying yoobin’s fat because goodness no, she’s not, but compare her legs in these pictures with the tbj pictures. o.o

  2. @pinkstars

    ye eun dresses and yoobin’s wigs… though sshe seemed to have taken care of it already.. 😛

    can’t ask them to change their clothes now, since they will be back with a new image soon and that will mess up the surprise effect… so lets just bear with it…

    otherwise, the performance looks fierce! please perform Wishing on a star… I keep saying that, but it will never happen.. lol

  3. 3rd pic of YeEun is just CRAZY LOL. She looks so full of attiude <3!!!!

    And SOHEE IS ADORABLE! LOVE THAT GIRL! She’s so cute~ and doing the dance so well!

    What’s SunYe doin in the first two pics?

    I love all these girls! SO PRETTY! SO CHARMING! SO TALENTED!

  4. i say burn all the “tell me” outfits! haha… they’ve been wearing it for a whole year now.. >_<;;

  5. YOOBIN’s mic pack fell off!!! hehe…im sure she killed the performance anyways!!! great close ups!

  6. SunMi’s skirt is not too short, it seems short because it’s the part where she has to lift her hips to the right.

  7. OMG… Sohee is in 14/18 photos =)

    And six of them are just her =D

    she gives a whole new meaning to the word cute ^^

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