Wonder Girls Kaist Outdoor Performance Pictures (10P)

Photos from Wonder Girls performance at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) on 2nd May 2008. Sun Ye, Sun Mi and Ye Eun had new hairstyles which was refreshing, Yoo Bin tied her hair up nicely and So Hee just let her hair down. All had their hair colored too.

Photos by Sodasu, credit as tagged.


18 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Kaist Outdoor Performance Pictures (10P)

  1. Hi, i would like to remove one comment from this post because it was inappropriate.

    Is there anyone can still log-in in this blog account to remove my comment which i wrote 7 years ago?

    Thank you.

  2. my soul belong to u,,,
    my heart is 4 u,,,
    my love only 4 u,,,
    my life just thinking of u,,,


  3. Ja, annyeonghaseyo!!
    Go Wonder Girls!

    Have u watched their new album “So Hot”?
    They look mature there!
    Despite of their young age,, I think they should change their style with Jewelry, coz they look more mature than WG,,

    Btw,if u wanna share about K-Pop world me,juz email me! Or juz leave a comment on my fs acc if u want to!
    Coz i like korean culture since I was in 3rd grade of Junior High,, ^^,

    Gomapda! HwaitinG!!

  4. sunye has the typical asian teenager haircut. =P she looks different. i feel like sunye’s gained weight… not that that’s a bad thing…

  5. I think Ye Eun is so pretty with this hair too, nobangs. All the WG have thick bangs but Sohee.. but I think Ye Eun is the only one that pulls off beauty with hair pulled up! I actually hate it when SoHee’s hair is in too tight of a high pony tail, i think she’s so much prettier with hair down, and maybe LIGHT bangs.

    ^_^ thanks for postin the pics!

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  7. Agree…Ye Eun in the 3rd pic is so pretty…the angle and litghting is just right.
    Overall wonderful pics.

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