So Hee attends Kim Min Soo (Monday Kiz) wake

Many stars in the industry came to pay their respects to Kim Min Soo from Monday Kiz at his wake after he passed away on Thursday morning from a motorbike accident. So Hee was photographed paying her respects on behalf of Wonder Girls. She had minimal/no make-up on and breakout on her forehead.

So Hee pays her respect


15 thoughts on “So Hee attends Kim Min Soo (Monday Kiz) wake

  1. she’s not ugly. c’mon she’s young and she has to travel around the world and only seeing her parents once a year. It’s very stressful.! Plus her best friend, sunmi’s, father passed away and having her leave the group, how sad must she’ve been. and thats not all, the weather and enviorment change is also a reason for breakouts. i remember when i first came to the u.s from my country, i couldnt stop my breakout till 6 years later, now it finally stoped. If you google, most ppl who moves to a different country has the same problems.

  2. So hee, you are so nice girl.
    Thanks after give pay respect to kim min soo.
    I glad to read this news.
    May Kim Min Soo rest in pease.

  3. i dont think we should be talking about breakouts when we are talking about someone’s funeral…

  4. Hey, acne breakouts are VERY normal. In fact, her breakout isn’t extreme at all. I’d feel better about myself if I were to be blessed with her skin.

  5. so hee’s always the one attending the artists’ funerals hehex.. RIP to kim min soo.

  6. So Hee did the right thing… She came to pay respects not to look cute and entertain… This says alot to So Hee’s personality… For 16 yearsold , it’s a sign of good maturity…

  7. I just reading this post so serious face then i read the part
    no make up and break out in forehead that just cranks me up LOL so random

  8. Even though she’s my least favorite
    Come on guys………she’s only what 16
    Teenagers break out its normal
    Give her a break
    Actually its nice to see her without make up

  9. Look, Sohee is hiding her right hand. Perhaps it is just coincidence but is she hiding her hand because of that pyro technic thing? And why are the other members not there?

    RIP KimMinsoo

  10. aww poor kimminsoo.
    and poor sohee.
    at least she’s not parading around at the funeral for publicity or anything, you know.

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