Highly enjoyable and anticipating So Nyeo Shi Dae vs Wonder Girls Round 2

Will there be another Round 2 confrontation between So Nyeo Shi Dae and Wonder Girls after dominating the competition in the latter part of last year?

Forever Competitors?

It is however unlikely to happen in the near future. Wonder Girls and So Nyeo Shi Dae had ended promotional activities for their first album in January and April 2008 respectively. Although Wonder Girls are planning to release a single by end May/early June, So Nyeo Shi Dae are instead branching out to other areas. So it’s gonna be a while before they meet up again.

So Nyeo Shi Dae had recently completed their first album promotions with impressive results. They had four No.1 hits (Into the New World, Girls Generation, Kissing You, Baby Baby) while their album sales volume exceeded 100k (pretty difficult) in five months. With such phenomenal records being set, they have decided to place emphasis on individuals now.

So Nyeo Shi Dae leader Tae Yeon is now a radio deejay with Super Junior Kangin on MBC Chin Chin Radio Show. Her straightforward and bubbly image has won the affection of many fans. YoonA has officially started her acting career. She had been in MBC “9 End 2 Outs” drama last year and will soon be the leading lady in KBS daily drama, “You Are My Destiny”. Other members like Jessica, Tiffany and Seo Hyun participated in a mixed album, Roommate and sang “Bad Oppa” and also receiving lots of attention.

Wonder Girls themselves have been busy preparing for their comeback with their new single. The composers and production staff have all been decided with Park Jin Young himself also coming back from America to produce the single personally. According to sources, the style of the new single is totally different from the national anthem, “Tell Me”. They also expressed that the impact of the new single on the music industry is definitely on par with “Tell Me”.

Wonder Girls Sun Ye and So Hee have recently given up being the MCs of Music Core to focus their attention on producing the new single. They are determined to bring to everyone something that will surpass the “Tell Me” mania of 2007.


14 thoughts on “Highly enjoyable and anticipating So Nyeo Shi Dae vs Wonder Girls Round 2

  1. Wonder girls are HORRIBLE at singing! they can only dance! Being a singer is all about the singing! u dont have to dance! SNSD they can dance and SING! they concentrate more on there singing thna dancing! so when one of snsd’s turn to sing the sdand still sometimes so they can sing well! DBSK… conquered parts around asia and sometimes they stand still when they sing too! DBSK likes SNSD more they siad ever since snsd started their performances they hav been paying more attention to them and SM enterainment!!!! SNSD JJAING and HWAITING!

  2. yooo omg i love both groups but sometimes when wonder girls sing live their vioces or like weird!!!! will i love both groups!!! PEACE OUT PPLZ!!! 😀

  3. Some sales figures (as of May 2008):

    JYP – Wonder Girls – The Wonder Begins: 11,454
    JYP – Wonder Girls – The Wonder Years: 66,409
    JYP – JYP – Back To Stage: 31,444
    SM – Girls’ Generation – Girls’ Generation: 104,092
    SM – Super Junior – Don’t Don: 164,058

  4. Omg, I can’t wait for their new single!! They better kick SNSD, and if they don’t (which won’t happen), I’ll still always pick them from the 2 groups. WG hwaiting!


  6. yeah!! wooh!hoo! you go WONDER GIRLS! kick some butts and win!! we’re gonna be there for you girls all the way!~

  7. i dont care if the new single surpasses Tell Me or not..just having them back on music shows are enough..has been rooting for JYPE artists since forever..keke..

    there’s really nothing to be watched nowadays except for a bunch of girls acting like they’re 3 and expressing their love to other celebrities on variety shows

    Wonder Girls hwaiting!!

  8. so i just finished looking at the TBJ pics and now looking at this picture of wonder girls, let’s just say wow. WG make-up artists, don’t ever do this to our adorable sunmi again!! the ‘do’ does our natural beauty sunmi no justice! :X

  9. something that will surpass the “tell me” mania? :O
    i mean the “tell me” mania seems unbeatable.. im looking forward to their new single!!! gah! only a month away!

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