Wonder Girls TBJ ’08 Summer Collection Photos (5P) + Wallpapers

You might find some familar ones but some are new. Love their bright colors concept. Which is your favourite picture? Me pick #3.

Images are sized, click for bigger resolution if you want to save (definitely).






Available in wallpaper sizes in 800×600, 1024×768 and 1280×1024 resolution.
Download (4shared)

password: wondergirls.wordpress.com


18 thoughts on “Wonder Girls TBJ ’08 Summer Collection Photos (5P) + Wallpapers

  1. i respect your decision of not liking sohee.. but please don’t say mean things about her… I love them all and it hurts me when people say mean thing about them… i hope you understand!^^

  2. omygosh I love the 3rd and the last picture. They all look so cute, and fabulous. the english one the shirts don’t make sense, but the outfits somehow work. 🙂

  3. yay! no more 1-2 pics per week but the whole batch this time!! XD those are some really funky shoes they’re wearing.. i think flip flops would have looked much better! 😀

  4. #1 – SunYe and Sohee are laughing
    Ye Eun and Yoobin are surprised
    Sunmi is blank… (shocked?)

    #2 – SunYe and Sohee are so adorable smiling
    Ye Eun and Sunmi are unhappy
    Now its Yoobin’s turn to do a blank stare

    #3 – Sunmi is smiling
    Yoobin is smirking
    Sunye.. she looks like shes crying, but when i clicked on the bigger image she’s smiling 🙂
    And Now its YeEun and Sohee’s turn to blank stare with their mouth opened.

    #4 – Ye Eun and Sohee smiling cutely
    And again, its blank stares for the other 3 girls

    #5 – Weird + Happy for all the girls

    ^_^ therefore thats why my fav is #5, only because they all have similar emotions protrayed. The others sorta didnt make sense… esp the blank stares. but i love the color background and their outfits! adorable! i think some of the pictures would have been better if it was cropped.

    #1 crop out between ye eun and sunmi
    #2 crop out between yoobin and sohee
    #3 helpless
    #4 crop out between sohee and yoobin

    And show case the side without Sunmi in #1, with sunye and sohee#2 , and ye eun and sohee in #4. If possible i’d showcase the othersides too but as a diff pic. But.. just my opinion XD love tbj!

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