Wonder Girls and Jewelry enjoying big success after member change

One similarity between Wonder Girls “Tell Me” and Jewelry “One More Time”?

Wonder Girls, Jewelry, SG Wannabe

Both songs have incidentally dominated music charts in Korea with their signature hits and has almost had a strangehold on the industry stemming from the latter half of last year and earlier part of 2008 respectively.

Besides that coincidence, other similarities have contributed to their success. After experiencing member changes, both have went on to become nationally recognised groups. Despite having to endure member changes and the challenge of adapation, both Wonder Girls and Jewelry have came through with flying colors and becoming one strong entity in the music industry.

Wonder Girl debuted in February 2007 with their “Irony” single but Kim HyunA had to depart the group in July citing health problems. Wonder Girls was in crisis barely six months after their debut. Another source cited that JYP was disappointed with their “Irony” single falling short of expectations in the market.

But Wonder Girls was able to pick themselves up and launched their comeback in September with the addition of new member, Kim Yoo Bin. Yoo Bin became the group’s main rapper and her sexy tanned image soon won over the fans who were sceptical at first and still reeling from HyunA’s departure. But in a matter of months, “Tell Me” became an overnight sensation and was one of the standout hits in 2007, cementing the Wonder Girls as a top group.

Jewelry ushered in their second coming since 2005 with their comeback this year. Because of Jo Min Ah and Lee Ji Hyun departure due to their wish to become actresses, Jewelry was plunged into an identity crisis as fans feared that the group would disband and if not, losing their original “strong” image.

But the addition of two new members, Ha Joo Hyun and Kim Eun Jung was a boost to Jewelry’s image rather than bringing it down. They adapted faster than expected and “One More Time” became a familar sight in the music charts, notching the No.1 spot again and again. They were No.1 on Music Bank for seven consecutive weeks which will take some beating.

SG Wannabe and Kara have also been forced to undergo member changes due to various reasons. Will they be able to achieve what Wonder Girls and Jewelry have accomplished? We will know very soon.


3 thoughts on “Wonder Girls and Jewelry enjoying big success after member change

  1. Not a fan of Kara… Like Jane said, DSP does terribly with marketing and public relations so really, the odds are against them, but people will be interested in the new members… The only thing is the new members HAVE to be strong. They’re left with weak members right now and if they want any type of popularity after the buzz of their new members, they’ve got to get better singers/dancers, etc.

    Ah…SG Wannabe. Love the new member, but the album itself is taking a loooooooong time to get used to… I miss their old style…:(

  2. god i’m hoping KARA will do okay. DSP SUCKS at PR/marketing and i hope they don’t suffer too much. wonder girls and jewelry have shown that it’s possible to succeed with a member change…. and baby vox showed that too way back in the day ^^

    but it’ll be interesting because wonder girls and SNSD seem to already have pieced out their specific niches… there just doesn’t seem to be a nice genre for KARA to fit in T___T regardless, KARA + Wonder Girls + SNSD fighting!!!

  3. I really hope KARA makes a big comeback. When there was new girl groups boom, KARA was my favourite, but i soon got hooked in to WG and SNSD because they faded away from the public. I especially like KARA’s Nicole Jung, i think shes really talented at singing, writing lyrics, rapping, and dancing. You dont find much of those combos nowadays in the korean music industry.

    I dont think WG and Jewellery’s new members are anything like in comparison though. WG brought in a new OLDER member while Jewellery went for 2 YOUNGER members. JYP basically RECYCLED Hyunah’s image for Yoobin, while Jewellery’s new members got their individual image. With that being said, I really like Yoobin though. Yes both her and hyunah were sexy dancers, but Yoobin can actually RAP. Hyunah’s rappin wasn’t that good. I just wish they’d stop making her the wig.

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