More Pictures from Wonder Girls Teachers For A Day Event (15P)

Simply insane number of pictures of the Wonder Girls at this event from various sources. This time, it’s several really HQ quality pictures from Team.Sosi9.


6 thoughts on “More Pictures from Wonder Girls Teachers For A Day Event (15P)

  1. Everyone has their fun pic here 😀 2nd pic, Sunye’s pics isn’t fun but beautiful, 3rd and last pic Yoobin is like gyaaah!! and o.0 5th and 7th Sohee 😀 8th Yeeun xDD Hmm? You called me? and sunmi is just cute on all pics 😀

  2. After seeing all of pictures, the Wonder Girls needs more rest and less stress… Their breakouts will testify to that…

    Nevertheless, they are still beautiful and shows that they are hard working… And I love them for that…

  3. the 8th picture, the one of ye eun, is hilarious. she looks like, “huhh?” hahahaha!

    is it just me or sunmi is changing? i think her face is maturing a bit, ne? she’s starting to look a bit like ye eun.

    the last picture with yoobin’s funny, too. i think yoobin’s becoming more beautiful lately.

    and sohee looks really pretty despite the breakout that POPSEOUL was criticizing… she’s still pretty.

    sunye hasn’t change at all.

    lastly, i love yoobin’s glasses. who’s glasses are those really? i saw in another group picture with ye eun wearing them in this event.

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