Wonder Girls Becomes Teachers For A Day

Wonder Girls where most of them are really still students only became teachers for a day for some kids in an event at Cheonggyecheon, Seoul.

In an effort to promote the red pen by an teaching organization which will be held monthly until October, the campaign titled, “Red Pen’s Free Child Aptitude Test” had nominated the Wonder Girls to become the ambassadors.

In this event, Wonder Girls turned themselves into teachers and taught the children directly, passing presents that they had prepared for them together with words of encouragement to do well in their studies. The Wonder Girls also allocated some time to meet fans who had come to support them.


8 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Becomes Teachers For A Day

  1. sunye is getting prettier by the minute!
    they all look cute here, esp ye eun w/ that glasses, she’s already got that look as a teacher, lol
    whats a pan gal pen?

  2. Isn’t this the whole “Pal Ga pen” thing, they did a promotion for, with that cute lil boy?
    the girls look stunning…

  3. love their oufits ^_^ red!!! and sohee is so cute! and the other girls look great!

    its so nice to see the girls do all these community stuff while they have time, before they start promoting a new single.

  4. Ah, that pic of Yeeun wearing glasses 😀 And Sunye Sohee couple! 😀 Sunye helping Sohee 😀
    Red Pen is kinda study help. You remember the CF they shot with that little boy? That was a CF for Red Pen.

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