More Pictures from Wonder Girls Teachers For A Day Event


7 thoughts on “More Pictures from Wonder Girls Teachers For A Day Event

  1. @DIMSUM
    ooooooooooh thx 4 explanationb maybe that what it is……hives
    hope girls will not collapse
    they won’t have a any break soon for sure
    JYP is workin on new single
    can’t wait though

  2. i think sunmi have hives, not acne, on her chest… it’s very common— a lot of my friends have it too..for some reason it only occurs during the summer though, so it must be due to the heat. :/

    but yes, i do see some acne on yeeun and sohee on the other close-ups… i mean HQ pics are great but they’re so darn sharp that they reveal your not so flawless features.. x_X;; poor girls, they’re under so much stress right now.. i think yeeun has it hard(est), just my opinion… it’s so difficult to attend college(not to mention, a prestigious one) and become a star at the same time.. kudos to her!

  3. They were wearing the exact same outfit on Golden disk award
    Sun -mi had some acne on her chest…hmmm…maybe stress

  4. Sun Mi’s pictures are… um… very unflattering. Especially that close up, the second one. Not to be hating on her on anything… I just like her Irony image better.

  5. i know! how many OUTFITS do they have in HOW MANY COLORS XD!?! I’m just so feelin the red love tho! And I love how Ye Eun blends! before she stood out like a hawk because she wore this deep fuschia and black checkered dressshirt while the others wore white and LIGHT pink.

    sohee is sooo cute! but i think they over did her um.. mascara? her eyelashes look sorta weird >>… and ye eun and the other girls look great here 😀

  6. it’s great seeing the girls do something meaningful.. ❤

    lol.. how much ‘tell me’ outfits do they have?!! *-* it’s out of control!!! haha~ can’t wait to see their new image! 😀

  7. 😀 just posted at the other post with the teacher thing and now another post 😀
    Yeeun,Yoobin and Sohee wearing glasses is love! 😀 Sunmi looks so weirdo in all 3 pics of her 😀 First she’s hunched together, then she smiles and then she does smth. strange with her hand…Perhaps she’s communicating with the aliens?

    First pic: Omg, the aliens are here!
    Second pic: (uneasy smile) Welcome aliens!
    Third Pic: The alien way to say hi xD

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