Sun Ye, So Hee, T.O.P departs Music Core with regrets

T.O.P, Sun Ye and So Hee hosted MBC Music Core for the last time today.

Sun Ye, So Hee, T.O.P departs Music Core

The trio gave their final address at the end. Sun Ye stuttered at the end as she gave her thoughts on leaving the stage, “This will be our last time hosting together, we will be leaving everyone”, a face of sadness enveloping her face.

T.O.P gave his thoughts after receiving flowers from Jewelry, “It was a very happy period for me hosting Music Core together with So Hee and Sun Ye.”

Maknae So Hee said, “I learned a lot during my time as MC and will work doubly hard in future.” They anticipated that the new MCs replacing them would be able to do a good job and said that they were sad to be departing Music Core.

MBC Music Core will be hosted by Solbi and Dae Sung, Seung Ri from Big Bang from 10th May onwards. No mention was made of Music Core next week.


6 thoughts on “Sun Ye, So Hee, T.O.P departs Music Core with regrets

  1. aww that suckx i never even knew they represented this thing?!?1 top looks sad th0 aww ?! but thay are all so lovelyy

  2. I don’t understand r they not hosting MBC Music Core again or r they not ever preforming ever again with their groups like Big Bang and Wonder Girls!!??

  3. ah, i commented and read this before reading the previous article. anyway, i guess it’s good publicity for Daesang and SeungRi since it’s always G-Dragon, TaeYang, and T.O.P that seems to get the limelight alot compared to DaeSang and SeungRi.

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