Kim Tae Hee does Tell Me dance too

Kim Tae Hee did a cute impersonation of the “Tell Me” dance recently.

Kim Tae Hee does Tell Me

Earlier this month on 6th April, news broke that Kim Tae Hee performed the “Tell Me” dance during her Flora fanclub meeting. Pictures of Kim Tae Hee wearing a similar outfit to Wonder Girls member, So Hee doing the “Tell Me” dance was posted on her fan cafe which invoked interest from netizens. Click for Stills.

With her hair tied up in a ponytail, Kim Tae Hee’s version of the “Tell Me” dance was definitely on par with the Wonder Girls. Although there was no video but photos only, Kim Tae Hee dancing was still applauded by netizens.

Kim Tae Hee does Tell Me

Netizens commented, “Kim Tae Hee was very charismatic when performing the dance, totally forgetting her age”, “It was very cute”, “She looked like a Wonder Girl”. Some even said, “She did and looked better than the Wonder Girls.”


19 thoughts on “Kim Tae Hee does Tell Me dance too

  1. wow!!!!!kim tae hee is undeniably pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!she look younger in those photos,Kim tae hee is my favorite korean actress along with song hye kyo,I really like these 2 gorgeous beauties because they both have an effortless beauty which means that their beauty is natural unlike those other koreans stars that undergone plastic surgeries just to look better!.

    Kim tae hee Im a huge fan of yours.I am hoping and waiting to see more of your tV. series.

  2. kimtaehee’s one of sohee fanatic fans.. just look the way she dressed.. she always look younger than her real age.. i wish to watch her dance live.. but since the news was posted i look forward to watch her tell me dance videos but until today i dont manage to see it..

  3. LOL I have the shirt shes wearing XD lol I ordered from a korean online store actually haha. strange.

    she is drop dead gorgeous, I love her. and I love shes a WG fan^^ GO KTH & WB ❤ ^^

  4. kim tae hee,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she always looks good just like an teenager.In our country , some korean movies are mega hits and some people do like the korean actors and actresses.But I think KIM TAE HEE is the most beautiful lady star , she can slay the heart of young men with her attractive eyes,
    I noticed her beauty in the movie “Love Story In Harvard”. I still don’t know why some people in korea said that her acting is not that good comparing with that of song hye gyo. But i totally disagree with them because i do like her acting in the movie,”LOVE STORY IN HARVARD”.The role of performance isn’t the same with one and another, and all movie stars are different the role they took in different movies.
    Please imagine the role of LEE SOO INN was’t not a perfect match with song hye gyo. All i wanna say is that KTH is the queen of beauty and i find nothing bad to say about her appearance and her acting.
    Oh my love, KTH, i do like all u do both in commercials and movies. Please go on filming until u meet with general acceptance.Lee soo inn , the character u took in the movie ,”LOVE STORY IN HARVARD”, is my ideal person. I really respect her and so i tried so hard to acheive my goals.
    i do like KTH not only her appearance but also her appearance.

  5. wow
    kim tae hee is very beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    can you be my shinggoya???????????????

  6. hahaha! the “tell me” dance craze has definitely not died until now. XD

    @ breezy
    i also find it funny that her shirt says “DO NOT COPY ME”. XD

  7. “Totally forgetting her age”? She’s only 28!! They make her sound as if she’s elderly. o.o

  8. u forgot to mention that netizens said she did better & looked better than wondergirls. 😦

    i love both of them!!!! im glad she’s promoting them though haha. ^_^ everyone still loves them!

  9. totally unrelated, but since today is Earth Day and since our 4 dimensional girl loves Earth and all, i thought everybody would like to see to hilarious fan made video


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