JYP returns to Korea for Wonder Girls new single

Park Jin Young will be returning to Korea in May to create the second coming of the “Tell Me” phenomenom for the Wonder Girls next single.

Park Jin Young

The debut dates of his trainees at JYP USA will thus be pushed back to a later date as he will devote all his time to producing the next Wonder Girls single.

According to JYP Entertainment, “Although the schedule is very tight, Park Jin Young has decided to fly back to Korea next month to produce Wonder Girls next single. The dance chereography for “Tell Me” was done remotely through video and decided upon at the very last moment. He wants to avoid that for the single this time and it will be cherographed according to JYP’s plans this time.”

Park Jin Young wants to prove through this single that the “Tell Me” phenomenom wasn’t a mere coincidence and that the Wonder Girls are talented enough to create another phenomenon. JYP Entertainment added, “Park Jin Young has stressed the importance of this single many times. The members are happy to have him back and will do their best for the new single.”


4 thoughts on “JYP returns to Korea for Wonder Girls new single

  1. thats a crucial single for them… and i’m sure they are feeling the heat…

    Girl groups have it hard in general and it will be harder on Wonder Girls because of the “Tell me” phenomenon. Their competition have an edge on this one, but I think they’ll be able to make. JYP knows what he is doing, he brought Rain and Park Ji Yoon with successful results. ..

    I feel awful for Lee Jeong Hee, shes the most talented person in JYPE and shes always taking a back seat. Overshadowed by all her hobaes, first Rain, now Wonder Girls… But I JYP knows what he is doing, so …

  2. That picture of JYP actually looks a bit decent this time. Haha! Anyway, I’m excited for the WonderGirls! I think they will do well in their next album. The WonderGirls are just charismatic and lovable, and I think they’ve improved since the beginning in their talents. JYP’s also a great producer in my opinion. He takes care of his girls well. As for Min, G-Soul, and Lee Jeong Hee, I feel bad for them because they keep getting pushed back. Min was supposed to debut in like… NOVEMBER or something…

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