Sun Ye, So Hee, T.O.P quits hosting Music Core

MBC has decided on Solbi being the new MC of Music Core starting from middle of May in a new format change for summer. The reason for Sun Ye, So Hee and T.O.P to quit their Music Core hosting jobs is because of their need to prepare for Wonder Girls and Big Bang new albums respectively. They are still looking for a male host to replace T.O.P. While this means the end of the WonderBang collaboration, it also means that Wonder Girls is not tied down by the stupid SBS-MBC spat when they start promoting their new album. (source)

Sun Ye, So Hee, T.O.P as Music Core hosts no more

Guess the news came too late for Hollywood Bowl 2008.


9 thoughts on “Sun Ye, So Hee, T.O.P quits hosting Music Core

  1. Aw, I’ll totally miss them as MCs. They were great! And no more WonderBang… FOR NOW! Since they’re working on both of their albums, they can collaborate on stage again soon! =D

  2. So, does that mean that they will still MC until the middle of May? Because it wouldn’t feel right unless they have a goodbye MC thingy? Like for Brian and Kangin when they were replace for the new MC(Sohee&Sunye&T.o.p) back in November or was it the new MC that were introduce? Hmmm, I forgot. Hope someone can answer my question.


  3. WAHHHH thats totally not fair !
    omg im so angry now lols
    that stupid program rivalry crap is beginning to piss me off even more now ! geez if it was originally because of SM and MBC they should have just kept it between them. dont bring other artists into it daymmm
    im so mad lols i was soooo happy to know that they were gonna be there originally because im going, and then they cant go, and now they COULD HAVE gone. so mad lols

  4. They should ask Andy to be the host. Since he was being banned from SBS already anyway. Haha, But I’m glad that they quit TOGETHER. It’s better so they could appear on SBS variety shows and Gayo programme. SBS has some really good shows to be on during promotional periods

  5. well all good things have an end… i will miss the hosting…
    but like you said, they won’t be restricted to that ridiculous network war… which means more air time for the girls, so i’ll sadly take it…

  6. Aww…I’m so used to seeing them hosting. But I guess I’m more excited for them to actually release new music than doing this all the time.

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