Wonder Girls TBJ ’08 Summer Photoshoot (2P)

Remember these two TBJ pictures posted earlier? There are large HQ versions of these right now but unfortunately they are splitted. But better than nothing.

Wonder Girls for TBJ

HQ pictures. Click for full-sized pictures.

Credit: wonderholic


14 thoughts on “Wonder Girls TBJ ’08 Summer Photoshoot (2P)

  1. @dimsum
    that’s really weird. every detail in the group picture’s the same as the split version except for sohee’s neck up. haha! weird. everyone just decided to stay stationery, while sohee changed expression. haha!

  2. omg! I love these pics!! hehe.
    their outfits are so cute!
    and the color backgrounds are nice.
    LOVE Wonder Girls!!!
    thanks for sharing 😀

  3. HAHA! What dimsum noticed made me laugh! LOL.
    COOL shots though! WG looking wondorous as usual:)

  4. i just noticed that sohee isn’t smiling in the pink split picture… but she’s smiling the the group one. XD

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