Wonder Girls Video Message for Thai Fans

Translating Thai is beyond me, but this is a video message from the Wonder Girls saying hello to their Thai fans and asking them to come to see them at the “Modern Nine Live Wonder show with Wonder Girls”. They speak Thai!!! How many languages do they actually know? ^.^ Speaking Japanese would be cool.

(translation in comments, credit to lina468, imfai)

In case you didn’t know or are wondering what the fuss is all about, the Wonder Girls are set to visit Thailand on 9th May for a 4-day promotional tour.


7 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Video Message for Thai Fans

  1. Was going to translate but I see that it’s already done, haha.

    I hope they’ll enjoy themselves there, it’ll be very nice.

  2. Aigoo I wish I was there !!

    I actually only understand Sawasdee ka Thailand
    and the end sanook duay naka lol

    I can’t wait to watch this : )

  3. Hard Translation by me
    (Sorry for my bad english) >.<”

    Modern Nine Live present
    No.1 girl group in korea with “Tell Me” in top chart

    “Hello there, we’re wondergirls”

    Let’s tell me fever flood over thailand for the first time in
    Modern Nine Live present wonder shows with wonder girls
    10th May at Park, Paragon

    “Don’t forget!!! Meet us in Modern Live wonder shows with wonder girls”
    “Surely fun”

  4. Translations:

    “Hello Thailand, we are the Wonder Girls.”
    “Don’t forget to meet us at Modern Nine Live Wonder Show with Wonder Girls.”
    “It’ll be fun for sure!”

    Note: ka = formal endings used by females

    Their Thai is not bad; it wasn’t hard to understand what they said.

  5. I’m so excite ^^ they’re so cute haha
    ^^ and they speak Thai
    i can’t wait to see them at paragon on 10th >.<

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