Leader Min (Sun Ye) Message 080416

Sun Ye apparently posted a message for us fans on her Cyworld minihompy (looks like it but I don’t know the url) on 16th April. She talks about us fans, getting her driving license and wanting to comeback on stage for us!!! ^.^

Many thanks to Luxtoraa for translating. What will we do without you?

Sun Ye Message 080416

Nice to meet you everyone ♥^^
I’ve been doing recently the things I’d thought of and found even the time to read books and I’m fine^^ Of course I’m also busy preparing the single album that will soon hit the market~~~ These days there are lots of fans outside of the building~~~ That’s because of the warmer weather, isn’t it?? Because it’s so warm I feel already like summer and I sweat automatically… L But because the weather changes often, always carry a jacket! You know that, don’t you? 😀

Fun (For me -_-;) and random fascinating news! Soon I’ll get my driver’s license! 😀 😀 Me driving!!! Thinking of it……… fascinating. So quickly grown up and now even driving -_-;…….. 😀 😀 Anyway, the ones driving under you, you know that xyz and xyz, don’t you? 😀 😀 (She says some traffic rules I suppose) I’ve learnt that through 3 hours of Safety Learning~~

Those who turn 20 this year, get your drivers license 😀 😀 😀 I sound like an advertiser L L Hehe………… Anyway… if you cross the street always watch out for cars!!! 😀 😀 😀 Recently I did sports >_< Everybody~ Let’s stand at the front line! (Ok, I’m not sure if I translated it right. I mean…why would sport loving Min Jookie type such a face when writing that she did sports?!) Let’s don’t think as “Me the only one” but as “Me, starting” and become a big transparent family! 😀 😀 😀 😀 (I think I got it wrong again, cause this too random?? It’s something that Sunmi would come up suddenly but not Min Leader… well, anyway…)

Some time ago I got from my uncle a watch~ and the letters you sent us, I’m reading them very well! 😀 😀 I want to come quickly back onto the stage and see and laugh with you^^ I hope you have a nice week under the blessing of the undefeatable one~~~~~!! (I don’t know if it’s exactly “undefeatable” but she means God^^)

– Min Leader

(That was it. It’s nice to see that Sun Ye is so religious! Love her even more~)

Credit: Luxtoraa, wonderholic


4 thoughts on “Leader Min (Sun Ye) Message 080416

  1. lol.. i guess she finally has time to sleep too.. 😛
    I admire her faith and ambition…

    @imfai, i`m with you on that one.. cracking down on my korean/english book…. i`m almost there, as in I know how to spell “hello” … lol

  2. >.< Lovely
    i think i used to see all their cyworld url
    but i don’t really browse that
    since i don’t understand korean now (but in the future ~)

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