The Wonder Years remains in Top 20 Best Selling Album Chart

According to the latest sales figures from Recording Industry Association of Korea (RIAK) for March 2008, Wonder Girls sold 3,182 copies (No.17) and their accumulated sales figure is 66,409 copies. No mean feat considering that they aren’t doing any promotion for it. Congrats to So Nyeo Shi Dae for coming in 1st this month and surpassing the 100k mark. Girl power is certainly on the rise!


6 thoughts on “The Wonder Years remains in Top 20 Best Selling Album Chart

  1. @Kristie, yeah you are right, can’t believe that no one pointed it out for jan and feb entries too. amended all.

  2. so it looks like on the list they are second to snsd… but wow congrats to both groups… i hope the girls hit the 100 k mark, though i think its unlikely….

    wow…. they don`t sell much in general do they.. but considering the market, and the fact that korea is the most wired country in the world, it understandable… selling what they did is even amazing to me… songs are a click away for most koreans ( Epik High situation for example) so i`m amazed…

  3. good god the rest of these numbers are appalling. poor korean entertainers >_<

    congrats SNSD and wonder girls!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 100k BIG MAN.
    wg pretty good. considering that theyre like 999% more than most other albums.

    and it looks like theyre selling 3000 copies in the last month?

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